Sketcher is a renamed Pencil. They are re-branded versions of freely available materials within the Blender user community. This has given us some experience and confidence, so let's be ready to tackle other offenders. Read his name to yourself over and over again, its a very english Swear word!

Re-branding Blender

Somebody should contact his host, hostgator. It is a disgrace there is people like that. There's a big difference between Blender and a Mercedes.

Also his provider sent me a worried mail. Honestly, it almost seems as though he got a lawyer to help him cobble together this bogus batch of terms. If you think about it, the few copies he's likely to sell will be to people who haven't otherwise heard of Blender, but when they get his product, they'll be introduced to Blender. Some people don't understand the freedom of creativity. The google indexing action are the way to go, legal and honest, nothing wrong with that.

Do you think it's material they created themselves, or did they just copy it off some Blender site? If you want this guy's site to stay down. We certainly love to hear from the community. Hi there, I found your site via Google while looking for a related topic, your site came up, it looks great. Screenshots Licensed Under C.

You can get Blender for free at Blender. He takes credit for all of the work. Must of purchased in between their down time, and also before I read about this? But we all know, what goes around comes around.

3DMagix and IllusionMage scam or open source leeches

3DMagix re-branding and selling the free software Blender - BlenderNation3DMagix and IllusionMage scam or open source leeches

Maybe it's best to just ignore the whole thing. After reading a small fraction of that guys page, its obvious that its a scam. Blender is free regardless, so it really doesn't matter how people get their hands on it.

Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation SoftwareRe-branding Blender3DMofun shamelessly removing credits

Kind of knocked it up quickly. You seem to have tried to build yourself a good framework and foundation to build future projects. Serves me right for not checking it out first. It's all the way at the bottom.

Re-branding Blender

The Blender Foundation has got an eye on him, let them deal with it. Mainly for their sense of humor. Almost certainly he's using Google adwords. But that's no reason to act similar.

3DMagix re-branding and selling the free software Blender - BlenderNation

And, you should report the crime committed against you to the proper authorities. Those are bastards that live only for money! They might give credit for the Pictures used, but I don't see any in regard to the software.

The picture of the ruin seems to be a composition in Photoshop made out of stockphoto's. But you guys didn't leave me anything to do.

This guy is actually prohibiting using material from their website in any other websites! It's obviously a cheap shot.

Gord Allott, Good point about the source, I suppose. This is a fraud obviously. And who are we to try to convert him?

Read a few articles of Cody London. Anyway, good luck with your business plan. Or perhaps we should set some big company on him whose copyright he's violating. He'll never have a repeat customer, nakhakshathangal mp3 songs obviously great business plan!

No money grubbers are going to steal the program we love. Looks like they simply replace one software with another as soon as they are confronted by someone.