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Quest of the Dragon Soul Quest of the Dragon Soul takes you to a world of magical dragons, mythical demons, and hidden treasures. Still, if you did, we hope you had fun doing so. Then Rocksteady came along and raised the bar forever. They shoot enemies if they look they can take the position before you. Crystal of Knowledge is a hidden object game that is filled with adventure and packed with plenty of fun-filled mini-games.

The best action-adventure games have been capturing the thrill of an expedition ever since Indiana Jones swung across a chasm with his trusty whip to retrieve an idol from a booby-trapped tomb. The gameplay is the perfect mix of combat, exploration, climbing, and puzzle solving, etap electrical software with crack all of which you want to see in spades from an action-adventure game. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Action-adventure games.

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Minecraft offers you to build your own world from simple home to large building like a castle. Mysteryville Something very strange is going on in the town of Mysteryville and as the ace reporter for Countryside Life Magazine, it's up to you to learn the truth. Hidden Odyssey is a hidden-object adventure game to the bottom of the sea. These essential cookies may also be used for improvements, site monitoring and security.

Christmasville Help amazing creatures of Christmasville learn the truth about Santa's disappearance in this eye-popping, hidden object, Christmas adventure for entire family. The titans who hold the sky are about to drop it.

Solve the mystery and help them in their escape. Find and collect all the lost treasures of Poseidon!

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You can download them from easily from the platforms like Steam and other. Unravel the horrific truth behind it, in this hidden object game.

Orphans of the Ocean Enter the magical undersea world of Lagoona in this exotic adventure and help Islabelle the mermaid save her orphanage in Tales of Lagoona - Orphans of the Ocean! Chronology is a platform-adventure game about time travelling, puzzle solving and a friendship between an Old Inventor and a Snail. Spirit of the Ancient Forest Join Sarah on her dangerous quest to fight Lord Marcus, puzzle your way into the depths of his citadel, and enjoy a Hidden Object adventure! Here you get a reason to play because many of these games are contain background story and got a reason for the fight with your enemies.

Martian Transporter The Martian Transporter is a space truck driving strategy game with economic elements. Join Leonardo da Vinci in an exciting adventure in the search for the Philosopher's Stone! Before going on war show how perfect you are on shooting and give a trial. All downloadable games availabe at GameTop provided free legally and were licensed, sublicensed for distribution by other game developers, game publishers or developed by internal game studio.

Appraise Malgrey Castle, learn about it's enigmatic inhabitants, unlock their secrets to save your boss, and learn what drove your co-worker mad. Some of them are helpful but some of them are harmful to you and society. Stones of Rome James is trapped in the catacombs below Rome! Join Adda and Ciro on their big city adventure and help them find the seeds of the Golden Tree!

Here you play a role as a witch hunter and you have to visit many cities for hunting. The viking king Ragnar decides to restore the kingdom in its former glory. King of the World takes you to the final battles of King Angelo. Vampireville Appraise Malgrey Castle, learn about it's enigmatic inhabitants, unlock their secrets to save your boss, and learn what drove your co-worker mad.

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Adventure Cartoon Strategy. You have many weapons which you carry and personally, I told you that, if you love that game then try all guns before and make your aim perfect as possible. The platforming is entertaining, too, but the real joy of the game is discovering that every single level is highly imaginative and bizarre with it. Do you miss adventure and excitement? Explore the mystical cave and help Aladin become the richest man for the love of his life.

Mystery of Mortlake Mansion Explore the dark rooms of the house and discover the secrets that haunt this eerie place. Stolen Secrets Help Rhianna search Italy to find the truth about the Da Vinci letter in this exciting hidden object adventure! Azteca Azteca propels you into the ancient world filled with bubble shooter puzzle. Unravel the secrets within the invasion plan in this hidden object game.

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Giant robot version of the weird antagonist! Tunes Jungle Adventure This dynamic free musical game will put you into the world of magic sounds and haunting rhythms. Find the things which will make your task easy and make them close and finish your mission.

Action Adventure Arcade Game - Tiny Island Adventure

Just choose any free game you like, download it, install and play as long as you want. Quest of the Dragon Soul takes you to a world of magical dragons, mythical demons, and hidden treasures. Join Manuel in this incredible adventure through the land of the dead and help him to rescue his beloved bride from the hands of an evil soul.

Solve puzzles, discover hidden clues, collect the parts needed to start Tesla's invention, an pass the extraordinary trials administered by those protecting Tesla's legacy. This game is full of adventure where nothing is except the witches. You will get many interesting weapons which will help you to fight with witch.

You are a social worker who saves the innocent peoples. Help Jack rule primitive tribes after his time travel to the past in this marvelous mix of adventure and management!

Great adventure puzzles, challenging mini-games, and lots of I-spy levels. We support many game developers so we hope to bring you even more free games in a future. Finally here is the fight for kingdom from the other including many episodes. Discover the secrets of the jungle!

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Secrets of Rome Visit the legendary Roman Empire! Everything has heft and weight, so when you slam a chair into a Nazi it really looks like it hurts. The Animated Series, and hired veteran comics writer Paul Dini, are just the icing on an astoundingly delicious and multi-layered cake. Intriguing storyline, awe-inspiring mysteries of the Templers, and tons of engaging puzzles await.

This category is for video games in the action-adventure video game genre. Viking Saga Viking Saga is an adventure filled strategy game. This list may not reflect recent changes learn more.