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This time, The Joker infects Batman with his own poisoned blood. It may be a bit strange to play as a Batman that's constantly spraying probably non-lethal projectiles, but if you can jump that mental hurdle, this classic title holds up quite well. Open-world driving game featuring ten different Batmobiles. What games fill that same need?

Four games in which is Batman s finest moment

Arkham City Armored Edition. Published by Cobra mobile. The player can use bat-gadgets, some of which are vital to complete a stage.

Bob Kane Bill Finger Other contributors. After Maxwell gains the starite from the Joker, Batman lets them use the Batcave as a place to stay. Ever since the initial tease, Bioware has been keeping everything close to its chest, until the last couple of days. Everything You Need to Know.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. However, it received praise for its voice cast, boss battles, the Joker and Batman's relationships with his adversaries. However there is a sense that Origins is scraping around for new ideas.

Killer Croc in his Arkham appearance also appears in the game. It could be absolutely anybody!


It isn't mentioned frequently these days, but its tight controls, stiff platforming challenges, and surprising Batwing shooter levels made it an exciting showcase for the new system. If the disheveled, off-brand Batmen above didn't give it away, Gotham City Impostors doesn't feature the genuine, real-deal Batman. Now, several years later, the Batman of this dark world must work with the Justice League from the prime universe to defeat a warlord Superman and their equally ruthless counterparts. Rocksteady isn't afraid of deep cuts in Batman lore.

Atari release, an arcade game based on the Batman movie. The double-takedowns were really well animated and fun to pull off, and I think they tossed that idea out far too quickly.

Character playing options are limited for this game, since the gamer can only play as Batman. Arkham Origins and Superman in Infinite Crisis. Interactive Entertainment. Like you say, Andy, being able to glide around and grapple felt fantastic, both of which were elements of limited usage in Asylum. The sidequests are more of a mixed bag.

The city suffered from feeling anonymous. The game features a high difficulty level and Batman has a single life to complete the game. Published by Telltale Inc. This game is in the first-person perspective, instead of the standard third-person.

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It was coded by and released by Ocean Software. Batman is the primary protagonist of the game's storyline. The story takes place several years after the events of the prequel, Arkham Origins. Therefore, he also is a philanthropist, using his wealth to help the needy ones. There's no reason Marvel vs.

So where can you get some of this heated competition, right from your own house? The series has received widespread critical acclaim.

Hugo Strange has put into motion. Behind the Voice - Carmine Falcone.

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The game also features two shooting levels, one in which Batman is driving the Batmobile and another when he is piloting the Batskiboat. Alternate-Batman must work with other superheroes, to restore freedom to a world that was previously ruled by a Kryptonian iron-fist. At the end of the game, 97 fighting game Batman is among the heroes who bid Maxwell and Lily farewell. Batman arcade and video games Batman lists Arcade and video games based on Batman films Video game lists by franchise Detective video games. This was one of the first games available for Nintendo's revolutionary Game Boy handheld.

On this page you will find Batman Games to play online for free. The new sections of the city are pretty uninspiring, particularly the industrial district and that tediously long bridge you have to travel back and forth across. In addition, both have a supply of items in order to help them in diverse tasks. Arkham City is an action and adventure game that serves as a direct sequel to Arkham Asylum. This marks the first encounter between Batman and some of his most dangerous foes, including his archenemy, The Joker and the villain, Deathstroke.

Arkham Origins is a digital-first comic, based on the game of the same name. Based on the console version's Mortal Kombat engine. Humanity's future is in your hands. For his single player ending, President Kane informs Batman he should be part of the emergency response in the wake of the war with Brainiac. The Killer Croc section drags on well past its welcome, too.

As with its predecessor, in this game, you get to play various characters and face-off against different opponents, once again pitting former superheroes and Insurgence fighters against each other. The beginning of Wildstar. Being able to freely run, glide, and grapple around the rooftops of Gotham is brilliantly empowering, although I do find the constant chatter of bad guys in your ear massively annoying.

Then you might also like these titles. Batman is a comic superhero, best known for fighting against villains such as the Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and many others. Batman will, also, find an ally in Catwoman. In this reality, Superman has become an evil dictator, ruling over humans, instead of protecting them.

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