Blomberg Fridges - Freezers

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Blomberg Fridges - Freezers

Sie stets den Stecker selbst. Chlorine causes We recommend that you unplug the corrosion on such metal surfaces. Maintenance And Cleaning Maintenance and cleaning Never use gasoline, benzene or Never use cleaning agents or water similar substances for cleaning that contain chlorine to clean the purposes. Some of the features described here may not exist in your product.

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You can also use these by slightly lifting up from the front and compartments to store your food at a moved back and forth. For this purpose, cool air circulation occurs around the crisper in general. If this function is active, your the Fast Freeze function. Just touch the relevant button with your finger to set the temperature.

Sliding Body Shelves Sliding Body Shelves Chiller compartment Chiller compartments enable the foods to be frozen become ready Sliding body shelves can be pulled for freezing. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to activate this mode when the appliance is frequently in use or when the appliance is freshly loaded. Water dispenser will be irreparably damaged if these kinds of liquids are used. Your refrigerator must be emptied and cleaned prior to any transportation. Large refrigerators operate for a longer period of time.

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The refrigerator rocks when moved slowly. As you will not have to open your refrigerator door frequently, you will have saved energy. Your ice will be ready Components of the water tank and approximately in two hours. Using Your Refrigerator Using your refrigerator Indicator Panel This touch-control indicator panel allows you to set the temperature without opening the door of your refrigerator.

It might save you time and money. Using the Icematic Otherwise, water leakage may occur. Make sure that the floor is strong enough to carry the refrigerator, and level. It is normal and not a fault. This list includes frequent complaints that are not arising from defective workmanship or material usage.