Bridgeport hook up

Bridgeport hook up

Wiring Schematics for Bridgeport

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The other thing is you will need a disconnect switch if you are not in sight of load centre and you will see couple more details in a bit. The width of the tubing can be wider for strength and a spotface machined for the bolt head.

What makes the Bridgeport tough, is the lack of a boss around the threaded lifting hole, making any lift a bit questionable. You better do a full inspection of any slings, shackels, cables or straps before you even hook up. Riggers get paid good money because of their knowledge and experience. You need to confirm with a later vintage machine. There are issues with the contacts in those overload current units.

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Pretty sure the fuse layouts and transformer details will vary but that's more cosmetic. Be careful as short ends of fibre are darn itchy.

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Power feed drive box on yours is most likely Bridgeport branded rather than the Ericcson unit commonly found over here. When screwed down against a washer tightly I'm curious why you suggest the above. Other investors became interested in the city, and in the Bridgeport Land and Development Company was incorporated. The shop has a single phase, v subpanel ground and neutral unbonded. Finger tight is generally not capable of this.

The mill will span across two of the cross members. The construction of the nearby Widows Creek Power Plant by the Tennessee Valley Authority in the s brought a small housing boom to the city. For test purposes the forward-off-reverse high-off-low switch on the head can be set to off isolating the head motor so nothing is spinning.