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The largest free subtitle database on the Web. Screenplay written by Antonio Passalia. Historically it is not strictly accurate but probably provides a fairly realistic interpretation of life in Rome during the periods of the two Emperors concerned. This sequence clearly shows the violence and cruelty which was associated with the Roman Circus.

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Historically the reign of Caligula is regarded as exceptionally violent and cruel, and the film has to make this clear to viewers who are not familiar with the history of this period. The seductive Messalina Betty Roland will stop at nothing to become the most powerful woman in Rome. Messalina played by gorgeous Betty Roland is a power-hungry nymphomaniac who will stop at nothing to become Empress of Rome. It is clearly a low budget production, shot mainly in the studio, with a number of larger scale dramatic sequences borrowed from other films incorporated at points where these fit reasonably well. This film is definitely not just softcore pornography, ji hyun woo and yoo in na dating service and it provides two very important lessons for us today.

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