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Our staff take care to ensure you continue to improve long after the camp is over. They play outside, and they play inside. Age levels are separated and players progress at different rates based on skill level. Our staff are hand picked, fully trained, and experienced. They are secondary ball handlers and primary rebounders.

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Really hard to improve on such a great camp! Unique in name, approach, process and product, Player One is your ultimate soccer camp as you look to maximize your player's ability.

Snow Valley Basketball Camps. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. McCracken Basketball Camps. They should have the ability to get to the basket and hit the open shot. Coming from two parents who played collegiate soccer, coach Ben Maxwell is second to none.

The skills and information taught in this camp are beneficial for players of any position who want to be an effective leader and an All-State type of player. The focus is on footwork, aggressiveness, mentality, and post specific moves. My son's footwork became much more fluid by the end of the camp that we are excited to see the benefits during the upcoming season. Ben Maxwell is a rare talent in the coaching world.


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We would definitely recommend these camps! Definitely worth the cost and the time! The curriculum and drills are tailored to the age ranges that are specific to that location. Breakthrough Basketball offers scholarship awards to deserving boys and girls that want to attend basketball camps. If your searching for the perfect camp for you son or daughter to grow not only as a player but as a person, look no further!

Walter Camp Foundation logo. All warm up stations include speed agility quickness, coordination, balance, and ball work activity.

This is a unique camp that utilizes decision training drills to help players improve their ball handling, shooting, decision making, and all around offensive skills. Help us make a difference and honor the legacy of Walter Camp! Finally, there is a camp that is personalized around the player. He was always positive with the boys, complimenting them as they did drills, audio editor 2011 but also encouraging them to push harder and grow more as players. Coach that cares Our son has trained with Ben Maxwell in various capacities over the past two years.

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Throughout the years he coached her, he taught her world-class skills that helped harness her athletic ability, allowing her to move up several levels in a short period of time. Select your sport and get into camp!

We will definitely do more Player One Soccer camps! You also get to take the skills you practiced and apply them in a controlled game setting. Highly recommend Ben coached my daughter for several years, developing her from a talented but raw rec player, to a top player in one of the top clubs in the country. Our son improved his soccer skills while having fun. Your shooting mechanics will improve, and your shooting range will increase!

Walter Camp Football Foundation. He liked the scrimmages and felt the competition was good. Youth soccer players have the opportunity to train for the best through presentations, on-field training, small-sided games and a video evaluation. We have three boys who play at a very high level of competitive soccer and they just love his camps. We will work on ball handling drills to beat your defender off the dribble, and finishing moves to become crafty around the rim.

Both started at the rec level and got a late start to competitive soccer. Walter Camp is the father of American football.

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Coach Maxwell holds himself to the highest of standards when it comes to preparation and communication. Also, being able to talk and learn from the past greats has helped me tremendously. At camp I learned about different ways to strike the ball and got to practice my turn of direction. Doug Bruno Basketball Camps.

Coaches are available on the last day to give one-on-one feedback to players and parents. You will learn game like shooting drills, including off the dribble moves to get feet of separation from a defender to get an uncontested shot, which will help you become a great shooter. The single most important statistic in basketball is your shooting percentage aka the amount of time. Leave them blank if they are currently blank.

To be the ultimate coach, Ben believes you need to know the game, and the people who play it. Having an elite player, it's been difficult to find a camp that is both challenging and fun. For additional camp information and dates call us at we would be happy to help you.

First class hospitality and people. The evening brings the best in the country together to share a very special night. College Football Hall of Fame. The name Player One centers our entire philosophy and approach around your player.

Saquan Barkley All-American. She really enjoyed the camp and she says she feels like she got a lot better! Please bring a packed lunch.

What an experience and true honor to see first hand the tradition of excellence associated with the Walter Camp Awards. They are full time, year round, professional youth soccer coaches and educators. This camp is for for a variety of ages depending on the location below. What he has been developed in my son is beyond soccer.

We were worried that it would be tough to catch up. The Friday tournament was really fun and I also like that on the hot days we got to go and watch a world cup game.

My daughter learned to take open space when dribbling and get better with her left foot. Our son has trained with Ben Maxwell in various capacities over the past two years. Coach Ben finds ways to challenge my son to improve every aspect of his game, but always in an encouraging way. Our Player One camp profile is like no other. Search Basketball Camps Now.