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CFA Level 1 Course

Nathan was both enthusiastic and knowledgable. Compare our Packages Basic.

With face-to-face classes, you are dictated a particular schedule that you have to stick to in order to make the best of your classes. Risk and Return Characteristics of Equity Securities. This practice is part of active learning whereby you make notes, follow and understand examples. Want to See It For Yourself?

Whether it's squeezing efficiency out of your daily commute, or a few minutes of revision before bed, video lectures mean that you can access it whenever, elly mazlein mp3 wherever. Our Videos are the most thorough and in-depth in the market.

Benefits of Securitization for Economies and Financial Markets. And just practice and answering questions correctly. Know your extent of the material and the format and topic weights for your exam. But this is to give you feedback on how your study has gone.

Can there be exam questions from it? Why does this have a different name than this? You need to read the Schweser Notes. Your goal is to stay calm.

Learn what the exam is all about, how to pass it, and the techniques for setting an effective study plan. Not that you can allocate your time exactly like this.

CFA Level II Test Prep - Video

Pricing of Risk and Computation of Expected Return. We want better results than that even on your first practice exam.

Maybe just a bit harder than the actual exam according to feedback we get. Boy, he wants to know this all the time. Studying something, a period of time passes, you go back and study it again or review it again or take a quiz on it again, that increases your retention period.


We teach you the concepts not just the recap. So if you need to take a break from staring at your exam, and we all do in a three-hour exam, look up, look at the front of the room, just be very careful about that. Leverage and Coverage Ratios. Make it applicable knowledge.


Just no question about it, and it happens to people every time no matter how much we tell them. Just remember, every Learning Outcome Statement is fair game for the exam.

Arif Irfanullah


They lack the interactivity of classes. And that also helps fill in the gaps. At least they always have historically. And then your last couple of weeks, fill in the gaps in your knowledge in the most efficient way possible to give you the absolute best shot at passing that exam on exam day that you can have.

Learn the exam curriculum. Surprisingly, he accomplishes this without any supplementary learning technology, typically standing in front of a whiteboard and writing out notes or explanations during the presentation. Well, you can see that last one is pretty straightforward.

CFA Level 1 Course

So quite a range of topics. Very efficient way for your last month of test preparation. Start with ethics, then econ, then financial reporting, etcetera, right down through the list.

And so the questions are difficult. Now, old exams are not available. Other candidates may find it more useful to study at their own time using traditional materials or prefer face-to-face classes. If you have a question in class, you can just put your hand up, or discuss with the instructor after class.


So you really need to work on this, especially the last month before the exam, on how to take the exam successfully. Are there are going to be questions on lease accounting? This course presents an overview of the basic concepts and techniques used to construct financial portfolios. Would this course suffice?

Our Videos Lectures are more in depth. The lectures are very professional with the lecturer standing in front of a PowerPoint slideshow. The lectures are short, straight to the point and well illustrated making it very easy to remember. There are some Learning Outcome Statements we can be pretty certain will be addressed one way or another on the exam.

This is to learn how to take the exam part. Today, Ken continues to use those finely tuned skills to educate students as a professional writer and teacher. Components and Format of the Cash Flow Statement. Now, the purpose of these Learning Outcome Statements is to focus you on the relevant material for the exam. Contact by private message.

Conventions for Quotes and Calculations. Now Level I exam, as I mentioned, is questions. The lectures have some of the best visual illustrations on the market. Applications, these make up the topic area of Quantitative Methods.

The wrestling, and clarifying, and getting it down to its essential elements, and then writing it down. Number one, learn about the exam for your level, its topic weights, and its question formats. In this module, we will begin with the basics of accounting. So the Test Effect really does work. It demonstrates and explains in a way notes never can.

They are all different and work for people with different learning styles. Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Equilibrium. You can take some now and some later.