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Still more had performed lethal errands on behalf of the arena's owners, or committed even darker atrocities to secure a few solar hours of precious attendance. Eldrad has long perceived a nascent presence in the Infinity Circuits of the Craftworlds, a distant heartbeat that pulses slow and steady behind the thrum of lost energies. The pursuit of excess gradually became a blight upon the whole society. They mastered the Labyrinth Dimension of the Webway, expanded their realms into the furthest corners of reality and learned much about the universe that has since been forgotten. She calls on the Eldar to revive the legacy of the Aeldari and even to readopt the ancient name of the race for their own.

Even those who had foreseen the catastrophe and fled upon the Craftworlds were overwhelmed, with only those furthest from the devastation surviving. As the moral corruption of the Eldar race tightened its stranglehold, echoes of ecstasy and agony began to ripple through time and space. For those Eldar who yet survive, war is their only hope. The most obvious difference between humans and Eldar can only be seen when they move, for the movements of an Eldar radiate a subtle grace which is impossible for a human to emulate.

All Aeldari within thousands of light years were reduced to lifeless husks, their souls forever claimed. Cloistered deep within the hidden city-realms of the webway, those survivors who concealed themselves in their palaces of depravity still revel in the debauched lifestyle that led to the Fall. When Slaanesh finally burst into divine consciousness, there was not one Eldar alive who did not feel its claws in his soul. It was Eldrad Ulthran who put into motion a plan to bring forth Ynnead, a ploy of such conceited ambition it could buckle the fabric of space and time.

They remain largely uninvolved in the great slaughter of the Horus Heresy that ensues. With his Crystal Council acting as a hyperspatial link to each Craftworld, Eldrad channelled the spirits of the Infinity Circuits onto Coheria. The Eldar cause horrific damage to the Chaos Space Marine Traitor Legions on dozens of worlds, suffering untenable casualties in their turn as the minions of the Great Enemy fight back. The roiling wound in realspace spread outward until it completely encompassed the Aeldari realms of old.

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For ten thousand long Terran years before the Fall, the Warp had been riven with storm and tempest, making it almost impossible for the vessels of the lesser races to travel between the stars. They will expend billions of weapon-beasts in order to devour Eldar realms, fashioning ever deadlier creatures from the remains of their foes. In their hearts the Eldar reigned supreme, and no other power could end their dominance. The birth of their nemesis, the Dark God Slaanesh, shattered that cycle forever. However, at least the Tyranids are confined to the fringes of the galaxy.

She Who Thirsts will not rest until it has claimed every Eldar soul in the galaxy. The greenskin race has become so prolific that many Eldar seers believe it has reached critical mass, their numbers too large for even the most protracted cull to have any real effect. Many of the Eldar grew uneasy with the actions of their comrades, and the wisest of the Seers warned that this path could lead only to evil and suffering for the entire species. As the Craftworld teeters on the brink, the infamous Eldar Corsair Prince Yriel rallies the desperate defenders and slays the monstrous Hive Tyrant leading the invasion, saving his people.

On the positive side, it gives them an unparalleled appreciation of life and an unrivalled ability to express themselves through music and other creative endeavours. Amongst those caught in its grip are the Eldar, the race of psychically gifted humanoid aliens that once ruled the stars. The doom of the Eldar, when it came, took a form far more subtle and dangerous than that of alien invasion.

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Too late, the Eldar realised that they had created a god in their own image, a god grown immense and potent by suckling upon the dark fodder of the Eldar spirit. The prophecies of the fabled Seer Kysaduras tell that when every Eldar has passed from mortal existence, Ynnead will rise up and defeat Slaanesh forever more. This can be seen in even their slightest gestures or the dexterity with which they manipulate small objects. As the cults gained a tighter hold over their society, the Eldar became increasingly divided. While this debauchery would have been destructive within any society, it was even more damaging for the Eldar because of their powerful psychic abilities.

Written records, monuments and visual records were almost completely destroyed except for a few instances where they were taken aboard voidcraft fleeing from the doomed worlds. There are those amongst the Eldar that seek a way back to those halcyon days. The Commorrite attendees of the mile-wide arena had paid handsomely for the privilege of being allowed through its statue-framed portals.

Other Eldar stayed on the homeworlds to try and alter the path their race had taken. Slowly, the foundations of the once-great empire start to crumble. Unless extraordinary measures have been taken to prevent it, whenever an Eldar dies, Slaanesh will be waiting on the other side to consume him. With the birth of Slaanesh, the Warp was becalmed, its rage temporarily spent.