Creeds fusion 3 5 xdating

Creeds fusion 3 5 xdating

And so, because there is only one God, and if this God is good and loving and true, this meant that there could not be endless true accounts of reality. But Christians did not permit other gods. One God, One Truth The first reason that Anglicans care about creeds is because of how they understand the nature of God. Likewise, pagan philosophers could offer various and competing accounts of the nature of reality, without being worried that they were in fundamental disagreement. The word symbol was used in the ancient world as a pact in a business transaction.

They could easily be drawn into the limitless collection of divinities within the pantheon of the gods. The question is not whether we will live by creeds, but which ones. We are part of a long-standing tradition of faith, thought, and doctrine. They give us a way to remain in solidarity with Christians all over the world as well as with those who lived thousands of years before us.

But Christians did not permit other

As a symbol, the creeds serve a binding or unifying function. He was not capricious or fickle, but trustworthy.

And so because there is only

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One God One Truth

Anglicans are creedal Christians because they perceive in the creeds a deeper mystery than what first meets the eye. The creeds are brief for the purpose of memorizing.

The Creeds and Salvation Third, Anglicans are creedal Christians because there is an important link between the creeds and salvation. If so, then the world must be created in a fundamentally ordered and coherent way. Then creation must be the creation of this God and not some other god.

But the creeds play a crucial role in enabling us to know this God in whom we believe. We should be able to see patterns and structure in the world. It gives us words that lead us to a reality that is more magnificent than we could ever express.

The introduction of new gods was not a problem. In this context, the creeds were a memory-device. Creedal Spirituality The reason we Anglicans say creeds, again, has to do with the very nature of Christianity. The Bond of a Common Faith Second, Anglicans are creedal Christians because the creeds function as a bond among the faithful.