Crew Management Software

Simplify, automate, and integrate your workflows. All of your data and projects are centralized, secure, and accessible on the go.

Simplify Time Tracking Track the hours your crew worked in an easy, efficient, and mobile way. Human Resources Eliminate manual processes, cut payroll costs, and boost employee satisfaction.

Track the hours your crew worked in an easy, efficient, and mobile way. Address their request about any duty change.

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It would be nice to have them all in one place, with scans and with automatic notifications sent both to the owner and chief pilot about any upcoming expiry date, right? Leon allows crew members to make request by themselves directly on their duty roster and your planner can simply approve or reject a request. It can really be a process. Enable your team to capture more detailed information on your crew, manage that data in a smart, central database, and enable the team to use that information when inviting crew for jobs.

Enchanced data security Software and data is stored in two geographically different, independent datacenters which guarantee high availability and data replication on customer behalf. Boost productivity and drive financial performance. Flight Time Limitations tracking This is a must. There is a lot of talking about duty period in the industry.

Click on it and you will get an instant answer about any detail you might ask. During the installation process we make sure everything is reflected. One place to do everything. Special offer for start-up companies. Allow your crew to see their roster instantly.

Wah Kwong will adopt ShipManager's integrated fleet management software suite to improve operational efficiency. Within CrewInspector you can store as much as information as you need and exchange the data between offices and employees worldwide in real time. No need to walk to a separate location or wait and perform data entry as a separate chore later. Now multiply the above examples by number of crew and ground personnel and then by the fleet size.

Not only from your notational regulations which is just a starting point. Other maritime industry members who are engaged in crew manning, scheduling and planning operations benefit from using the software likewise.

WorkForce Crew Management enables organizations to manage dynamic crews by capturing time, activity, and productivity data in the field. Manage all of the moving parts, costs, vasu telugu movie mp3 songs and itineraries when traveling your crew. WorkForce Crew Management allows crew leaders to enter individual or whole-crew productivity in the field. WorkForce Crew Management.

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Determine availability, crew your event, and distribute important event details. Stop tracking everything in excel. Watch CrewInspector video.

Is a pilot qualified to fly to the airport where additional training or simulator session is required? Crew members can be allowed to preview their calculated pay and incentives each day, amplifying the impact of the incentives with immediate visibility. Can we apply split duty on this particular trip? With WorkForce Crew Management Mobile, the crew leader is the single person responsible for entering and correcting data for the entire crew, and for submitting that data at the end of the shift.

Read more about marine fleet management software and ship management systems. Process industry-specific time rules. Our clients say Client References. Everything is configurable.

WorkForce Crew Management

Cloud-based crew management platform to automate, centralize, and secure your labor workflow. Not only from your notational regulations, which is just a starting point. Do you know what you need?

Ship crew management software

It can be configured in many different ways to reflect the workflow and needs of your company. What you need to stay compliant. Ship crew management software to support your complete vessel crew management process. Ditch those paper time sheets and put an end to entering data into multiple systems manually. Easily visualize the status of your events at any point in time and quickly take action on what still needs to be completed.

Information Technology Enable seamless integration with secure, cloud-based solutions. Related News and Press releases.

This is all about many details and in our software. Crew Management Software Get Started.

Crew Management Software

Probably there are not many as complicated things in the industry as tracking accurately your crew duty limits. Eliminate manual processes, cut payroll costs, and boost employee satisfaction. Every pilot needs about different documents to legally fly an aircraft.