Dating a asian manufacturers

Dating a asian manufacturers

As the changes that the marks of individual manufacturers went through over time is known, they can be used for dating. More often than not they are not of the period. An exception are marks bearing a date of the cyclical year calendar, but these were very few.

An exception are marks bearing aAs the changes that the marks

It really does not get any better than this. The majority of all marks encountered on antiques are reign marks.

It has members from the Philippines, Thailand and many other parts of Asia, but is also for anyone across the globe who is interested in Asian dating. In this view Chinese porcelain is different from European and later Japanese porcelain. Export porcelain showing Kangxi and Qianlong reign marks four character marks were mainly made during the late Qing dynasty, namely the Guangxu reign, and the early republic. Only towards the end of the empire and during the republic period appeared increasingly more manufacturers', studio and factory marks on Chinese ceramics.

China Marks - A Comparison

The above is especially true with export porcelain.

More often than

Before the late Qing dynasty and early republic period porcelain from the Middle Kingdom had basically no factory and few manufacturer's marks. There do exist records of such changes, allowing collectors to decide the period or span of years during which an item was produced except if it is a fake. It is simple to use and very fast and powerful. Simply said, the large majority of Chinese marks do not allow the dating of ceramics based on the mark. In some instances they also may indicate the approximate year or period such an item was manufactured.