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Dating a buffet clarinet barrels, clarinet Barrels

Even this clarinet sometimes has tuning problems that a modified barrel may solve. If you do want a new barrel, there are a lot to choose from.

If the twelfth is too low, we say that it is narrow. The Chadash works for my set-up as well, and I can only say that while there is a change of timbre and a slight variation of pitch, I prefer the sound I get with the original set-up. This compromised clarinet is what we today refer to a student or beginner clarinet. Joining a standard taper bore on the top with a reverse taper on the bottom results in an hourglass profile.

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What he provided give me some excellent insights and I am pretty certain they will help you too. Using a reed that is too soft for a particular mouthpiece or a reed that is old could cause pitch flattening. The clarinet is the only woodwind in a band or orchestra that has these properties, which makes it unique.

Small tip openings usually require harder reeds and large tip openings usually require softer reeds. Some, however, call it a straight taper, which seems contradictory. If you need to constantly play with barrel pulled out, you should instead use a longer barrel or add tuning rings.

When we play a low F on the clarinet we are also hearing a lot of higher notes that our instrument automatically generates. Barrels for other makes of clarinets are available, red hot pie dating but I have no personal experience with them. Could the same type of barrel improve the poorly tuned inexpensive clarinets of our earlier example?

Since producing this clarinet requires more labor and more exacting standards, it will cost more to build. As my playing matured so did the groups I played with. Before you consider a new barrel, I suggest that you use a tuner to determine if you have a problem with your horn.

If the bore at the top were narrower than at the bottom, some would say it has a standard taper. In my early years of playing in bands, not only were our instruments poorly tuned, but we also had undeveloped embouchures. The way to measure the difference is by using the idea of cents, and there are cents between each semi-tone.

Clarinet Barrels - Clarinet - Woodwind

How are the Selmer and Leblanc barrels different from the Buffet barrels? The upper part of the upper section of the clarinet is enlarged in two increments that Buffet refers to as polycylindrical.

Reverse taper means that the bore is wider at the top than it is at the bottom. Most of us fall somewhere in between. They play with the outer shapes also, which can result in some very fat profiles. Instrument makers are happy just to get the fist two harmonics lined up. This process of continued refinement of musicianship culminates with the professional, who today is not only expected to have flawless technique and tone, but also near perfect intonation.

With some additional undercutting to some tone holes, the result is a clarinet that plays extremely well in tune. Although mouthpieces are largely standardized, the particular one you play may affect pitch somewhat. Honest barrel makers will tell you that what a barrel actually accomplishes will depend not only on your mouthpiece and clarinet, but also on how you play and what sound you are seeking.

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Could alterations to the bore of the barrel have similar results? To play in tune, the professional needs the best instrument, a well-developed ear and a consistent embouchure.

Clarinet Barrels

It was resonant and easy to play and the keys seemed to fit my hands perfectly. We can make some general statements about bore changes to the barrel. Modern makers have the added benefit of acoustic research. Warm up and center on a note, only looking at the tuner after the note has stabilized.

Physicists would call it a negative taper or a negative cone. We can see that it was the larger mouthpiece and not the clarinet itself that caused these problems. Ring less barrels are yet another option.

It was made of brass and was a bit smelly. Most of us learned to play the clarinet on these out of tune models. This change widens the twelfths in the upper region and largely eliminates the problems of our beginning clarinets. Harmonics as we have defined them are exact whole number ratios.

The harder reed will play sharper than a softer reed. Physicists would call this a positive taper or positive cone, since any taper can be represented as a truncated cone. So we say that the clarinet overblows the twelfth. Clark Fobes tells an interesting story that puts this idea into perspective. Try a few of each before you settle on one.

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Barrels can correct some tuning problems and can change the overall sound by realigning some harmonics. Barrels And Mouthpieces We have seen the alterations to the bore can result in a better clarinet.

Our rhythm became more exact, we played with dynamics and yes, and our intonation became better too. The taper is less severe than the Moennig and more appropriate in this case. We can also call this interval a twelfth. Even the lay of a mouthpiece affects tuning.

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The expanding bells on even the first clarinets have a secondary function of improving the twelfths of the very low notes. There are many things that cause the harmonics of a clarinet to be off, and early makers identified most of them empirically. These barrels restore the tuning in the throat tones and also improve the twelfths near the top.

Enter Han Moennig who was the first to introduce a reverse taper barrel in America. Manufacturing accuracy is a must.