Dating cavanagh hats vintage

Dating cavanagh hats vintage

Cavanagh was one of the five original stockholders. Earlys Address with Cavanagh Edge Script. Carter sweatband in a soft felt hat. Diamond gussets in the armhole indicate s.

For evidence, take this Derby. The examples shown here are from the first style of roundel. Three-quarter and seven-eighth length sleeves were popular from the late s through the s. His legacy of expert craftsmanship continues today.

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The descriptors may mark a distinction in time and be used for dating purposes, but I need to collect more data. It's possible that this style of tip sticker showed up by the lates, or perhaps this hat has been renovated from the factory at a later date with a later label.

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Second, sales at Cavanagh Associate stores around the country were probably just as important, if not more so, to the company than the sales at Park Avenue shop. The leather sweatband seams are on the side, rather than the back, which is a nineteenth-century trait. Various s Labels At least some early Cavanagh Derbies, probably through the earlys, feature older styling in their interiors. Notice that the change from John Cavanagh, Ltd.

It was used extensively for lingerie and dresses until the s, when nylon became popular. Kind of like mattress tags, in a way. If the hat was purchased from a Cavanagh Associate retailer in another city, the name and location of that retailer would be debossed instead. Union labels reflect these changes. Tags from the s onward do not exhibit this issue.

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