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Dating glass insulators, dating Hemingray Insulators

In the first year of its operation, more than charter members joined its ranks. The National Show is held in a particular region once every three years. In each successive year a mold was used, a period would be added somewhere beside, above, or below the date. This gives the date the insulator was actually produced. Since then, annual paid membership has averaged members.

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Writen by Bill Meier All Hemingray insulators since have had mold and date codes on them. Database Home Hemingray used mold letters, dome numbers, and even oddly placed periods in some of their earlier insulators to denote which mold an insulator was produced from. Membership Information Any person interested in insulators, origin of life from apatite dating lightning rod equipment or a related collecting or historical activity shall be eligible to apply for membership.

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Decoding the date codes

There are often dots present after the year code. For more details you can read the complete By-Laws. New members are entitled to all membership privileges immediately upon payment of current dues.

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There are several different patterns, and some special cases as well. No mold number was generally present. This is a membership application that you can print out and mail in. But, a colon is really two dots.

Family members do not receive duplicates of these mailings to the same address, but each member will receive a membership card. Generally, these were neatly aligned in two rows after the year code, looking like a row of colons. Other committee chair people are often appointed, but do not hold Board seats.

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Dating Hemingray Insulators

Many different codes were used over the years, and I will attempt to explain them all here in relative order. The mode code is a one or two digit number, sometimes followed by a letter. All known specimens are Ice Blue in color.

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