Dating solutions wordpress review widget

Dating solutions wordpress review widget

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You can check out mythaipassion. Users can email directly from a users profile.

When a virtual gift is created the user is notified of the virtual gift. The two demos we have are setup exactly like that. Other than that, there are really very few if any alternatives at the moment. It will show users profiles of members that are near them geographically. He promises such things that the plugin could never deliver and then he wants to go ahead and purchase additional plugins that cost another ridiculous amount of money.

The plugin can handle many thousands of profiles. All new profile questions are dynamically added to the Advanced Search area.

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Go spend a few hundred elsewhere to have something custom. You need to pay the difference to get the plugin. The make money and they like it. If you have a shared hosting plan then you can always upgrade it once you start getting more traffic. When we get bugs reported, we fix them.

It takes just as much work as starting any business and you have to be dedicated and not give up, ever. You have posted that it was developed overseas. So, the following are the set of best popular post plugins available for WordPress platform. There was no correspondence sent out.

We take care of our customers. Not sure why you feel you have to pile more and more crap lies on top of it. He knows the plugin very well and I farm that out to him. We are here to inform people and help the WordPress community, and not to take sides unless there is a clear case of abuse or irregularity from one party. In closing, keep posting all the crap that you want.

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They see the demo and they like it. These are set for viewing profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video. You made one helluva dating plug in.

We sell one plugin and one plugin only. Profile Rate Results are also displayed. First off, you posted in our forum that the dating plugin required other plugins that cost extra money to run. Having knowledge and experience with WordPress helps a lot too.

The dating plugin is very extensive piece of software. Because this is a WordPress plugin, all you need is WordPress. You set the price and the amount of emails they can send per credit. You state that there are false posts in our support forums. If you would have looked you would have realized that.

The software changed since we bought it. This shows you who is getting the most attention. All emails are now grouped by user.

The two demos we have areOther than that there are really