Dating your sibling

Dating your sibling

It isn't a good idea as past feelings could emerge and cause a rift between the siblings. Dating should be looked upon as one drastic step before marriage as well and it may help a relation to build stronger. Glad it didn't create a problem in your family. Likewise, if you date your sibling's ex, your relationship with your sibling may turn sour and you will lose a good supporter. Dating your stepbrother may make your respective parents and stepparents furious, upset and in need of keeping a therapist on retainer.

It's a huge no-no in my book. Stranger things have happened, and you definitely risk ending up in People magazine, or worse, as an inside story in the National Enquirer, but no one will arrest you. Either they'll be meant for each other or she'll find out he's an ass and you will still look good for not poking your nose were it didn't belong. However, if you don't come to an agreement and you really love and want to date that person then keep trying until you come to an agreement otherwise things will end up really bad.

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Kind of weird but it happens. If it was only casual dating when they were teens then maybe it's okay, but the sensible thing to do is okay it with all parties beforehand. This relationship with her ex will only spoil the healthy relationship that I have with my sister. Your sibling's probably going to act hostile and distant from you, even if they say that they aren't trying to.

These type of things can ruin families. It's not a good idea and someone is probably going to end up hurt. Be careful with both of their hearts. It seems kind of creepy, but it was just a comfort thing.

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My best friend has an ex that he truly loved and his brother started dating her. While it might seem easy to just hang out all together since they're related, you'll still want to spend time with them individually. This is one of those times, you'd do better to get over it and move on.

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Dating the Ex of a sibling

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As long as a sibling doesn't still have feelings for that person I think it's ok. Despite what people say, it's generally not okay when you date their ex. And at the end of the day, some people always side with family no matter what, which could be awkward. This is no different than dating your ex's best friend which I would never do. By the time he started dating my Aunt, my mom was married to my dad and pregnant.

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