Chords in the key of C Major

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In the screen of this app, the Circle is made up of several concentric rings, which provides various information. The outer most ring shows information on the scale such as a tonic, a dominant, a sub-dominant, a relative minor, a relative major, and a progression of the degree. Make sure you practice playing the related chord, then the arpeggio and then the chord again - you should try and build a relationship between the two things the chord and the arpeggio. The chord tones can be distinguished by its background color or its mark.

Switchable Inner Wheel The inner wheel can be switched when it is needed. Learn how to play piano chords with the Piano For All piano course. This is note that gives the scale it's note name.

If a note name of the outer ring is touched, then a diatonic chord, of which the root note is the note, is set. When the center is touched, user-defined action is performed.

Switchable Inner Wheel The inner

The scale tones can be distinguished by its background color. Whatever note you put that one becomes the name of the scale. Start on B, skip one and a half steps C and C and land on the flat seventh of the major scale D. Alternatives None that I know of.

Note that both G and D are lowered by one semitone. Piano, and Guitar sounds are included. It can be played by touching the keys.

Notation System There are various ways of naming note names. By rotaing the next ring, a chord can be set.

Piano and Guitar sounds

Sounds The sound of a scale and a chord can be played. Transpose Wheel For transposing, a ring of key progression can be displayed instead of a chord ring.

Just switch the inner wheel to an interval wheel. Interval Wheel Intervals of notes can be found out easily and quickly. In the first inversion the note E is now one octave higher than in root position. Most diatonic chords are available. When rotating the outer ring, the inner ring rotates also.

It can be played byNote that bothLearn how to play piano chords