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Gay dating in orlando

Like the first investigation, the second yielded no actionable evidence, and it was closed. Barack Obama and Vice Pres. The shooter The gunman, year-old Omar Mateen, was a U. As these two mass killings were carried out by organized military or paramilitary groups and not individuals, they are typically not included in a survey of mass shootings. The response to the Pulse attack could not have been more different.

It was the deadliest mass shooting in U. Prior to the October mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, the Pulse attack was the deadliest mass shooting in U. Both weapons were used in the attack. During these calls, Mateen claimed that he had placed a bomb in one of the cars parked outside and stated that he was wearing an explosive vest similar to those used by the November Paris attackers. Gruler requested assistance, and, within minutes, additional police and emergency personnel arrived on the scene and began carrying victims to a hastily erected triage centre across the street.

Joe Biden met with survivors and the families of victims in Orlando, and Obama renewed his call for a legislative response to gun violence. On the night of the attack, the club was hosting its popular Latin Night, an event that drew from a broad cross section of the community.

On the night of the attackIt was the deadliest massJoe Biden met with

Mateen also searched the Internet for news coverage of the attack from his phone and exchanged text messages with his wife. Callers reported hearing additional gunshots as Mateen moved through the club, and survivors took to Twitter and Facebook to recount their experiences.