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But I have to say I'm quicker than any of the bikes here. The drama ended when police reached the spot and took the riders into custody.

An altercation ensued between them and fellow motorists, who had seen the menacing riders, joined Kumar and took them to task. But, the duo allegedly abusing him.

For Gurgaonwallahs, it was the perfect Sunday outing. Neither do you care for your life nor for other innocent people. When the youths remained defiant and continued to argue, motorists lost their cool and thrashed them. The races were spread across different categories based on the make and the power of the bikes. Though rain disrupted the meet for a brief period, it failed to dampen the spirits of the bikers.

This irked the crowd more which thrashed him again. In the video, a woman is seen demanding action against their parents.

But I have toIn the video a

Yamaha Riders Club organises Bangalore Bikers Meet

Ramesh Kumar, a retired private company employee, who was driving towards Tumakuru, stopped his car on seeing them and questioned them for endangering the lives of others.

In the melee, one of the riders pretended to have fallen unconscious and collapsed on the road. All the bikes parked in groups, according to their clubs, was a sight to behold. The riders were given some basic coaching in bike racing by members of the professional biker group Ghost Riders, who also performed bike stunts to a cheering crowd. Two youths, who were performing bike stunts on the Bengaluru-Tumakuru national highway on Friday evening, were thrashed black and blue by fellow motorists.

This irked the crowd