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The actress had already begun filming with Hollyoaks and a promotional image was released of her in character. Hollyoaks created Grace's first relationship storyline alongside Trevor. During the Hollyoaks Summer trailer, it was shown that Robbie and Holly would hook up. She arrives wanting to investigate the death of her sister Clare Devine Gemma Bissix. Robbie plans an armed robbery at Price Slice and enlists the help of Finn and Callum, but Callum changes his mind and attempts to prevent the robbery but he is shot in the struggle.

Joe and Freddie talk him out and Phoebe has a successful operation. It was also revealed she would share screen time with her father Fraser and his bodyguard Trevor. However the pair are caught in bed together by Trevor's son Dylan. But Esther's happiness is short-lived when she finds Grace's old engagement ring. Jason pulls Robbie away from Kyle when he sees them squaring up to each other in the village.

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  • Freddie starts to try to get away, but Trevor catches him.
  • Lindsey is oblivious and the actor thought that her never discovering the truth would be a sad scenario for the characters.
  • Her hair was initially styled basic and flat.

Grace's problems worsen when Kim turns on Esther and starts plotting against her. The character wears eye make-up consisting of smoked out pencil kohl liner and several coats of black mascara. Wood-Davis told Daniel Kilkelly that Kim notes down each time Grace touches her and even logs their conversations.

She also keeps a picture of Grace hidden in her bra. When Sandy hears the recording she forces Freddie to get Joe out of prison. She prints out hundreds of pictures of herself and Grace kissing and plasters them on the walls of Grace's nightclub. Grace escapes and Trevor begins a scam selling counterfeit wine.

Fraser is later shot dead and Grace is genuinely angry and upset. She didn't take her wedding dress off for a week! Grace is terrified that she will be jilted.

Ray becomes annoyed with Trevor gaining more business and decides to vengefully target Grace once again. Grace becomes jealous of Trevor charming Mercedes in his attempts to con her. Trevor does not reciprocate but Grace finds evidence of their kiss and it causes more problems for them. She believed her character did not want to ruin Grace's relationship but thought it felt natural to try.

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It was revealed that on-screen Grace would not be happy with them being in her life again. When they reconcile on-screen the pair set about organising their nuptials. Wall explained that her character refused to tell the truth about Mercedes being alive. Wall likened Grace trying to complete a puzzle as she goes out to find clues that lead to the actual killer. Viewers would be left guessing the identity of the killer in the episodes that followed.

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Esther decides that Grace needs family support following Trevor's murder. Robbie eventually owns up to his mistake and turns himself in to the police. He is mentored by Callum Kane Laurie Duncan but decides to truant college. They manage to free themselves and are taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries. She was happy with the progression of their friendly dynamic, which resulted in the two characters always looking after one another.

Family Father Fraser Black. Wall branded it a trademark of the character that brightened up her black outfits. Family Father Alan Roscoe.


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Holly is with Jason at the coffee shop but is struggling to breathe. They had a problematic dynamic and his negative stories about Grace clouded their judgement. Later on, Freddie hits on a vulnerable Maxine Minniver Nikki Sanderson which lead them to sleeping with each other.

In comedic scenes Dylan is embarrassed by Grace's revealing outfit which attracts the attention of male students who begin wolf-whistling at her. Writers also created a long-term relationship for Grace alongside Trevor Royle Greg Wood and their relationship was centric to the character's storyline for three years. Fraser arrives just before Trevor kills Freddie and forces him to take Freddie to hospital.

Fraser Black

He added that Trevor's understanding was the reason they were able to move on in their relationship. They added that Grace would trap a character in the disused flats ready for them to be killed in the demolition. However, how long dating Finn changes it back and John Paul goes down. Esther invites Grace along and Kim presumes they are in a relationship.

Sarah Ellis from Inside Soap on Grace's hairstyle. The actress believed viewers that would have never imagined the three characters working together. Holly gives Robbie a grateful smile. Grace threatens Freddie telling him that she will harm someone close to him if he does not kill Mercedes for her.

The plan works and Grace is arrested. Fraser taught her that people in power can be paid off. Wood-Davis said that it marked the first time Grace became unnerved by Kim's behaviour. The group agree not to mention this to anyone.

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The room is spinning around her and she rushes out, telling Jason to leave her alone. Tyler from Inside Soap reported that Grace realises she will be killed unless she take her own father out first. When Freddie, Joe and Kim manage to escape the hospital, they find Lindsey's corpse lying on the sofa.

Fraser Black
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  1. Kim returns to the village and asks Esther to take Curtis and leave the village with her.
  2. Freddie borrows Ellie's phone to call Lindsey, seemingly unaware that she was the one who tried to kill him.
  3. Wall explained that the nails were acrylic and she was required to wear them permanently.
  4. Wood described the relationship as a first for Trevor because he deeply cares and loves Grace unlike his previous romances.
  5. Grace realises that Kim has more power over Esther.
  6. When they arrive she orders them to leave, but they persist on staying.

Grace Black

However, he begins to develop feelings for Nancy as she starts to help him with his A-level work more and kisses her. She reveals that Trevor and Grace tried to kill her. When she feels unwell Grace worries and rushes Esther to hospital. He leaves a note for Fraser to aggravate him about his missing daughter's whereabouts. In addition they released pictures showing that Joe would also gain control of the gun and aim it at his estranged brother Freddie.

He asks Trevor to let him send her out of the country instead. Joe and Mercedes later adopt Kimberley, later named Lexi. The actress said that at this point in the story Trevor is fed up with Grace and Freddie's feud. He later tells Lisa to retell this to the police, but she retracts her statement when she realises the consequences of her actions.

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Grace wants to begin a family but her doctor informs her the chances are low because of injuries sustained by a gun shot. Grace's characterisation initially played her as a ruthless gangster. Grace has a prominent feud with the character Freddie Roscoe. Lindsey told Mercedes about it and she tricked Freddie into admitting it which she recorded. It was revealed to viewers that Kim covered up Ashley's murder because she thought Lindsey had made a mistake, but once Freddie's death dawned on her, she realised her own mistake.

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