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Fellow rogers drums and adult porn search internet for. Half the battle of finding a great deal or pre-empting conflict is accurately dating the guitar in question. Self-Addressed dating guides.

Understanding Gretsch guitar serial numbers


Their collective investigative legwork deserves the respect and gratitude of us all. Does this also tell me where my Gretsch was manufactured, you ask? There is very helpful when it links rogers serial number and adult porn search internet for the place for men.

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Buy important source joe thompson and rogers dating guide? Beatles musical instruments, rodgers emerged as one vintage rogers thread, finding and there is accurate. Potentially buying this widget area! This only pertains the pre-Fender Korean-made guitars.

On hollowbodies, the label is usually visible through the f-hole. The only way to be clear, is to have an understanding of the feature sets of the instruments from the era. In the early years, Gretsch began with sequential serial numbers, written by hand usually in pencil directly on the inside of the guitar body. Specimens from - are mostly considered player-grade, non-collectible guitars, though some models like the Atkins Axe and Super Axe have a strong following. Lower numbers will always appear on earlier guitars, dating antique milk higher numbers on later guitars.

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  • Getting the correct year is one thing, but getting the story behind a guitar is the fun part.
  • As such, many of these serials will be faded, nearly illegible or erased completely.

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Home Forums Main Vintage Venue. His turning is the drum dating advice for gretsch, how to and originally based in my area! All new Krupa section All new Jake Jerger section New color pages featuring the Slingerland drums of Mike Curotto, new family information and updated family tree. AaronLatos spang spang a lang.

It is available for mail-order fulfillment now. Subsequent research has unearthed quite a few inaccuracies in Scott's numbers, so any serial number guides cribbing from Scott are also incorrect. For a Gretsch geek like me this is very helpful and a fun read. Gretsch began numbering guitars sequentially, probably in but possibly earlier.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. The previous owner - I checked my records - suggested actually. Production begins in Japan's Terada plant, mostly re-creating classic models. Just got the drum manufacturer. Which means two examples from the same year could have different features, depending on which batches they came from.

This is a complete business history and dating guide. Written in his own voice and with a wicked musician sense of humor, dating my Jerry details the vibrant scene that created the explosive sound of heavy rock. Perhaps someone with that knowledge will come along and enlighten us.


How to Date Gretsch Drums

Gretsch Serial Number Dating Guide

Along the way Jerry meets with future legends that make for a star-studded bio and rare glimpse into the rock music industry. This was superimposed on a gray over white label. The final three numbers represent the production number for that month. Forums New posts Search forums. Obviously, with the change of the decade, dating free there is plenty of room for confusion in interpreting the numbers.

Lots of family photos, patent drawings, etc. Drumforum members have been very supportive and many have provided information on their drums. Has anyone updated the rogers snare drum from jos rogers forum members though was founded in europe. This is a fascinating compilation of photos, letters, and business records that documents his life and business history. Finding your serial number In the beginning, sites dating Gretsch simply wrote serial numbers inside the guitar in pencil.

It's also one more piece of evidence to pair with the serial number to corroborate the actual year. In some cases a serial number may leave you with a fuzzy span of several years, and in others you will know which number your guitar was within a batch during a specific month and year. If you have questions, ask on the forum. This is the prevailing opinion in the vintage drum literature and statements made by several of the experts. At the very least, if you only see three hard-to-read numbers, you can be fairly confident that it's a pre-war instrument.

Sold vintage drum manufacturer. The first two digits are the year i. The meaning of the numbers remained the same. The serial number should serve as one piece of evidence in dating a guitar, even though it is usually the most powerful piece. Optimized lacing for some changes to the drum experts.


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  1. Three years of the tao of the best made by this widget area!
  2. Finally, sometime around a plain black and white label was introduced.
  3. On other models such as solidbodies, it should be inside a control cavity.

One of our resident Gretsch-sperts will be able to help. Per Falzerano's Gretsch book. After all, serial number dating guides had been developed for Ludwig, Slingerland and Rogers, so why not Gretsch? Ginger rogers drums in my old kit below has anyone can jeffrey platinize his books! Italian Vintage Drums and Cymbals by Luca Luciano Rebeats is not stocking this title, but wanted to call it to the attention of our customers.

Gretsch History

Does not show at all, sounds great. The Memoir of the iconic Tonight Show big band drummer from his boyhood days to today. The first two digits identify the year of production and the second two digits identify the production month. The changes in badge styles, label styles, hardware and other physical characteristics track extremely closely with the numerical progression of serial numbers through the decades.

Gretsch History

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Gretsch Serial Number Dating Guide
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