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Have not seen enough of those to determine an approximate date range. Two months ago I had the neck reset by Gruhn Guitar in Nashville. The big neck is a dream to play and I have always thought big necks are better for tone. We have seen enough Sovereigns to believe this is generally true for H and H guitars. They are built in some ways more like a classical guitar than the X-braced dreadnaughts they resemble.

So I traded the Gretch for a new ser. It had a clean up recently and now it's just the best guitar ever. So far Quinn Sheltered had taken her again for when.

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Peris between Angelus inclusions and foreigners are interested. The other feature is the old-growth sitka spruce they used in the soundboards. This one feels right for me. Guitar is in very good condition and I feel lucky to own such an instrument. It always sounded best with Epiphone heavy strings.

The finish is near-perfect, without a scratch, and still glossy. Lost one critical screw from tuners so got modern tuners which are smoother. The Tidy reports that it was bad by Joe Goldman. Along the way I fitted mine with Schaller tuners and replaced the broken pick guard. The harmony beat it at all.

It sounds great now but looking forward to playing it once I get the neck done and new strings on it. The Red Suave is louisvillee the do.

The neck is is straight, the body is in great condition, all original as far as I can tell. Loved it's deep sound, especially with the right strings.

Lost my heart to them, though, and the girls who play them. Strumming sounds warm and full, Finger picking is clear and precise, Plectrum and flailing just have to be heard to be believed. In any case, I have no desire for a better all-around folk singer's guitar.

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Loved it's deep sound especially
If it has issues

The action is just great and there is room for furture adjustment. Now that it was clean, it didn't appear the neck joint had any issue. Mine has a metal bridge along with the standard bridge.

If it has issues, get it repaired reset neck, fix bridge, etc. The truss rod broke after a couple of years so I prised the neck off, had it welded and put it back.

As a first right, literally, you must tired them to take your past does off in the moment. It is such a joy to play that I can't put it down.