Homeland season 2 review uk dating

Homeland season 2 review uk dating

He was reduced to pleading with her about his soul. It's everything she ever wanted. Love really has saved them, though not in the way they might have expected. For the first half we were given a lot of gloomy foreshadowing and not much else, as Brody and Carrie repeatedly asked each other if they had a shot at a future.

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It doesn't even matter that the idea that this entire series has been moving towards Nazir's masterplan, right down to his own death, is Skyfall-daft. The explosion was genuinely shocking. Carrie doubted Brody, and for good reason. Yet more material for his inevitable culinary spin-off series, Mike v Food.

When the two sneak out for some inappropriate mid-ceremony snogging, somebody moves Brody's car. Maybe Saul will help, now that Mira is back to lift his cloud of doom.

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It will feature a lot of eggs. Obviously the producers postponed their filming schedule, paid close attention, and decided that yes, why not, let's listen to the Guardian and do it. Season two has been exciting, tense, infuriating and absurd in equal measure. That's season two for you.

For the first half we were