Homestuck dating sim

Homestuck dating sim

Sequel A Stranger Among the Voices, is from Ebony's point of view and begins some time before the first story. Cap was revealed to have been a Hydra agent all along, via Red Skull manipulating a sapient, but juvenille Cosmic Cube into making it so. As a result, when the Vision says what was it all about, it was a genuine surprise for the audience. Unfortunately, anyone looking up the fic now is likely to find it listed along with the sequel. And it doesn't just focus on one or two characters although the first couple of pairings definitely get the most screen time - this is truly an ensemble fic.

The Illuminati set out to stop these Incursions without having to destroy another Earth. Every trade except the first volume contains an introduction and while some warn, all of them outright spoil the stories contained inside. It was a very effective disguise.

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The first trailer of Absolute Despair Girls shows all six survivors of Dangan Ronpa as they're leaving the academy in the first few seconds the game's final scene before cutting to credits. Friendship Is Magic spoils several of its events and the fate of one of the characters within the first few lines. Two original characters bare a striking resemblance to Twilight in the former, and a main character of the latter is a clone.

She's the main character in the sequel webmanga. Even a cursory glance over character popularity spoils you. Their loooooooong-unseen old enemy used his Master of Illusion powers to take on a posh appearance and a new alter ego. There's something about Neil Gaiman and spoileriffic forewords. The trade paperback for Marvel has a foreword by a critic.

Also, the Gaiden Game Daybreak Portable's opening theme contains a shot of Natsumi wielding a butcher knife and bearing a very lovely Slasher Smile. Reborn, he appeared in at least four books before the big event had actually happened. The Death of Captain America. It doesn't mention the later twist about the monster actually existing, thankfully. This Very Wiki has this problem.

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Even more, there was a clone of Terra some years later, always living under the shadow of the actions of the original one. Sure hope you've seen all the way through either Onisarashi-hen or Someutsushi-hen. The fact that he has his own spinoff turns this into a Foregone Conclusion.

The mystery was tightly kept during the original release, but the fact that the paperback collection was titled Emperor Joker ruined the big surprise. The fact that Adrian Andrews shows up in case completely ruins a dramatic moment at the end of the second game if you played the third one first. Which ends up becoming a plot point. Then she's gonna go apocalyptically nutso.

Blue have regularly done this. Fan Works Fan fiction in general can be a late-arrival spoiler.