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In that case you have a perfect excuse as to why you have one. If you're unsure, I recommend taking the formality one baby-step up from what you think is okay.

Hooking up Once things start getting hot and heavy, it might be difficult to figure out what to do next or how to far to go. If you want to bring a girl back to your place, you shouldn't have to worry about losing her in a mountain of laundry or that stack of empty pizza boxes collapsing on her. At the very least take a breather before continuing to work your lady over.

Crazy Kama Sutra

Join the thriving adult dating community at Hookup. Even if girls are looking for a longterm partner on a dating app, they're usually okay with fooling around in the process. Having toys on hand, like vibrators, will leave the impression that you're interested in your partner's pleasure which is what every woman wants but seldom gets from a partner. Not only are you probably doing the aforementioned sex position wrong but you're putting future hookup opportunities at risk. If you want to get laid and have her potentially coming back for more, you need to step up your cleaning game.

That being said, it's always better to be slightly over-dressed than under-dressed. Crazy Kama Sutra positions are completely off limits for when you first start hooking up with someone. Since people have different definitions of the word and have different ideas of how far they're willing to go based on the situation, hooking up is a total gray area.

Must haves When you're hoping that your night will end in a hookup, you should channel your inner boy scout and always be prepared. Both of those things usually come with hooking up a few times.

Moisturize after, with unscented lotion or coconut oil, this will keep you from getting razor burn. Take her height into consideration Girls come in all shapes and sizes, but this tip is for all my short girls out there. That's how you scare the shit out of someone who's vanilla as fuck.

That being said it's always betterSince people have different

Share It's never been this easy. When it comes down to it, your success with the ladies hinges upon everything from your appearance to your apartment to your flirting skills. Rules reguarding alcohol I'm a believer that for some alcohol is certainly liquid courage. Needless to say, it was a good first night.

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