Keith apicary dating video cat

Keith apicary dating video cat

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If the trap door in his bunk bed isn't buried under toys, he pops through that to greet the day. Filming began for Barnatt in the eighth grade and hasn't stopped since. The jokes that get laughs, he throws into a video. The girls start screaming. You can't keep pulling your pants down.

He threw in a backflip for good measure. And by picked up, he means literally picked them up and carried them around. It's such a pain in the neck. At Los Angeles International Airport, he climbed onto a baggage claim carousel again. Upon seeing his Star Wars sheets, one girl bluntly asked him when he was going to grow up.

Recently, he flew to London and Paris to shoot a second video. But I figure if I get stopped by the cops for doing something, it's gonna be a good video. In real life, said van sits in the driveway outside the duo's apartment, pissing off the neighbors. In lieu of a dinner table, they use a vintage, glass-top Space Invaders arcade cabinet.

He kept dancing as if he didn't understand them. He's been kicked out of every convention he's been to except for one, in Canada. Barnatt has rolled down entire staircases.

In real life said van sits

They'd air their creations on local cable access in their hometown of Milford, Mass. Perhaps they are being ironic, or sarcastic, Barnatt speculates. At heart, Barnatt is a character actor, not a dancer.

Keith is an exaggerated version of Barnatt. Dance videos are but a small part of his oeuvre.

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He has jumped head first into trashcans and stumbled over shopping carts. Not long ago, he saw a cute girl with blond pixie hair at a restaurant and asked his waiter to deliver a note to her with his phone number. They send him drawings and refrigerator magnets and love notes. He sneaks into spas at fancy hotels in Santa Monica, eats the free fruit and chucks it in the pool. Sopping wet, they marched through the kitchen, past the stunned employees, grabbing pots and pans and banging on them.

It can be hard to tell where Barnatt ends and Keith begins. For two years he dug graves, saving his cemetery money to move to California.

He's wearing fuzzy monster slippers. The Barnatt boys spent their youth shooting videos with rented equipment. One monster foot bobs rapidly as he thinks. Rap artist Flo Rida also wants Keith to be in a music video.

Or crawl through a cardboard-box tunnel maze he built with his brothers. It has no toilet, so Seth pees into an empty two-gallon plastic jug. Merle was Barnatt's first real character, a homeless man who does stand-up comedy. The guard called the cops. Check out our entire YouTube issue here.

Whoever made the best video would receive a Skittles vending machine. Merle lies on stage, immobile, for four minutes. To say Barnatt fully inhabits these personas would be an understatement. He dug graves to pay the bills. Nathan Barnatt wakes up each morning in Star Wars bedsheets.

Nathan Barnatt Never Grew Up