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However I think Bajaj is in the business of minting money by making fool of its customers. Is this the value that Bajaj inculcates in its employees? Are these the core values on which Bajaj stands?

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Bajaj showrooms in other cities

And still my bike was not fixed the way I wanted. On top of that your guy charges me for the engine oil which I had never asked to change? Then what did the guys do the entire day if my bike was fixed once I reached there? Let me tell you what will happen next. Do you think the customer bought his bike from you so that you can rob him of his time and money?

Details About payment dates and receipts can be produced on request. Is this how you treat the customer? He is like yes sir it will be done and when I come back nothing is done. Is this how you loot the customer of his time and money? So this means the guy who checked my bike wrote what I had not told him and never wrote what I told him.

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Filing case against Khivraj Motors Bajaj Showroom. Mr Dinesh from Bajaj financial processed my loan Ph.

And on top of that your manager taunts me. Do you guys think customer is a fool over here? Is this how you treat your customer?