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If you have been diagnosed with fistula, you need the help of an expert doctor who can attend to the specific requirements of your case and offer you the best surgical solutions. It is caused by the protrusion of an internal organ through an abnormal opening in the abdominal wall. Laser Ablation of fistula. Symptoms Include Irritation, pain and discharge of pus around the anus. Piles symptoms might not always mean piles.

So go ahead and consult our experienced fistula specialist in Mumbai today. Fistula resolving during Sharsutra Though many doctors advocate Sharsutra for management of fistula. Hence lateral spread of current is very minimal. Most people looking for specialist doctor for fistula in Mumbai visit our clinic as we have got plenty of experience to manage the most difficult fistula cases.

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This will help you to have a better life almost soon after the surgery. The fistula doctor in Mumbai here at Orchid Laser Center can resolve all kinds of complications associated with fistula with ease. Coronary artery calcification and coronary atherosclerotic disease. Contact Fistula Conventional surgery for fistula involves a lot of cutting of the anal area. There is no chance of looosing control over motions or narrowing of anal canal.

Hernias can be painless for years and may become symptomatic suddenly leading to life threatening complications such as strangulation. Piles, Anal Fistula and Anal Fissures are not the same. We understand that having fistula can be really difficult for your day to day life. Through this cut, specialized rotaculating instruments straight instruments which can be bent once inside the tummy are inserted to do the operation. We have been a pioneer in mastering this exciting and emerging field.

Surgery needs to be extensive and thorough. Straight single fistula are handled by this method wherein the Fistula tract is laserised from below the surface of skin leaving no extra external wound. Easy Solution for a Complex Disease. The Holmium Yag Laser has revolutionized complex anal fistula surgery by making it relatively simple. Overview Laser Treatments in Surgery are only couple of years old.

We can have our best fistula surgeon in Mumbai attend to your specific needs and make sure that you are perfectly poised for recovery. Medicines often times do not help in the healing of a complex fistula. The truth is, piles is just one of many conditions that affect the anal region. Resurgery can damage the anal sphincter irreversibly.

Complex Fistula in Ano – Laser Treatment - Piles treatment in chennai is now pain free

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Our specialist doctor for fistula in Mumbai has been treating patients for a long time and can address any kind of complications with ease. An anal fistula is a communication that develops between the anal canal, and the skin near the anus. After the surgery has been successfully carried out, we will guide you into having a proper prognosis as well.

It could also be Fistula or Fissures. The end of the fistula can appear as a hole in the skin around the anus. That is why we have our medical experts attend to your needs with sheer medical professionalism and compassion.

It could also be Fistula

Creating awareness about the painless nature of early breast cancer lump is important in low-income countries. Pankaj Garg, Mohamed Ismail. One such system today is the Da Vinci Surgical System.

Orchid Laser Center is a leading clinic offering medical and surgical solutions for the treatment of fistula. If you are looking for the best doctor for fistula in Mumbai, then you should definitely come to Orchid Laser Center for the best solutions. Low level fistula pts maybe able to go back to work in a single day.

Also resurgery has a very high complication rate. We will also let you know about any medicines that you need to take or other precautions that you must follow. Diagnosis The Diagnosis is usually by symptoms, physical examination, proctoscopy.