Maligayang pagdating sa ilocano

Maligayang pagdating sa ilocano

There is no other document yet discovered that is of the same time frame. That is, if we consider the notion that our ancestors usually wrote on perishable materials like leaves, barks, bamboo parts and surplus, etc. Therefore, whatever analyses and conclusions made here are made as adequate as possible and are only built from the available evidences, sources and theories the author has access.

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If one thinks that there are

The author writes enchantingly and his words has this hypnotic vibe. In fact, it looks more like Javanese. Muslim Mindanao had been above mentioned. Anyway, if Versoza himself admitted that his use of Alibata had been the result of lack of comprehensive research on the ancient script, then it might as well be good to discard the name altogether.

Also, since only few editing, mainly grammatical, was made, then it is yet to be subjected to change. At the least, it gives Baybayin a few more points for being closer to the Filipino tongue than Alibata. November feels came to me early as this book gave me spine chilling thrills. Filipinos had still utilized Baybayin fifty years after Legazpi.

Anyway, the Philippines is a said to be a free country, so let us simply deal with it. It is even apparent that our ancestors left no documentary evidence to actually explain where Baybayin really came from.

The author painted a good picture of the setting and the characters. This movie that received standing ovation during its gala night also stars Dominic Roco. In any way, there are also talk that the Spanish had destroyed Philippine literature, and with it the works that may have supposedly been written in Baybayin. Tok Pisin, an official language of Papua New Guinea. Bislama, an English-based creole, spoken in Vanuatu.

It was as if Alibata was a curse to be driven away. Sumimasen That is incorrect. This brings us to the question of Baybayin's origin. However, any simple glance at both Sanskrit and Baybayin, it would be apparent that the two scripts are still quite apart, though as not apart than with Arabic.

Bajan or Barbadian Creole Englishbased

Once more, this sparked a debate among Filipinos, especially through social media. In Italian it translates to ciao benvenuti a casa nostra. Apparently, there are only slight differences in the different versions, but we do have to take into mind that small things tend to become big. As it is known, Arabic has become the script of the Muslim world, and the Philippines has a heavy concentration of Muslims in Mindanao. Kumuha ng isang library card.

Llanito, a Spanish- and English-based creole, spoken in Gibraltar. Makikanta at makisaya with Ms.

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It can be said that this is another story. Bajan or Barbadian Creole, English-based, spoken in Barbados.

If one thinks that there are too many speculations in this short discussion on Baybayin, it may very well be inferred that we are still lacking substantial sources to back up anything at this point. It makes me think whether those characters that are in this book really do exist in rela life. Paterno's compilation of the different Baybayin scripts Photo retrieved from mandirigma. It might even be said that without the handiwork of Chirino and other lexicographers who documented Baybayin, then the ancient script would have been lost in the mists of time. Perhaps it is only my lack of comprehensive research so as to observe, so far, that ethnic groups in the area had not possessed their version s of Baybayin.