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For truly soft lips you must keep hydrated! There are no other alternatives that I know of. Booming Ruby worked out better, as I said before it basically matched the colour of my lips but didn't at least show up the dry bits!

It might be a reason for the popularity and success of the brand. It purely justifies the money that you have spent on the product. When applied to my lips it matched my natural colour, a slightly darker pink shade. Overall, I do love all the colours and they do show up a lot more on my lips than other coloured lip balms I've tried. Cherry Me This is the favourite of the bunch for me, its a gorgeous bright red colour in the bullet but once applied it gives a nice sheer raspberry red tint to the lips.

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The small color pops are fun loving and are adored by beautiful teenagers. Doesn't taste like anything but it smells like bubblegum. Beaming Violet I like the unique shade, a mix of purple and pink.

Review of all the Maybelline Baby Lips?

The scent does fade rather quickly, but it makes for pleasant application. Doesn't taste like anything but it smells like blood oranges. If you have any chapped areas on the lips, the colour clings to it, making it even more noticeable. It is clinically care for baby soft lips.

And I must say that although there is a scent, these are not flavored, and are tasteless, for the most part. For a lip balm, this range actually performs really well and looks great too!

The strawberry has a good fragrance and it brings out a good effect and rejuvenating for your lips. Out of all six, four of these lip balms are tinted. It had eloquently served the market with its wide range of products. Booming Ruby is a bright red balm and Innocent Peach a bright pink. It lasts for a few minutes, after which its not noticeable.

Packaging These are slim chap sticks with peppy colored bodies. These are super smooth and soft on lips. We are very conscious in choosing and applying a lip color and at the same time, they understand that Lips have to be taken care of very importantly. They all swatch quite pigmented but apply more sheer.

Have you tried Baby Lips lip balms - what do you think of them? Most contain waxes that actually draw moisture out of the lips, instead of locking it in. Great Moisturizer I love the pink color and it really moisturuzes your lips to make it soft and renewed. One of my favorites from the range. If you are seriously conscious about the repair of your chapped lips then Maybelline Baby Lips is the right choice for you.

Not really to be honest, you'll have to apply a few times during the day. Innocent Peach applied as a very sheer pale pink on the skin and was much the same colour on my lips too. It also gives protection from the sun. But, I wouldn't repurchase it again.

Innocent Peach whilst being a nice colour, really showed up all the dry bits on my lips which wasn't particularly flattering. Texture The most striking thing about these balms is the mint fragrance. Fragrance It has a beautiful and lustrous fragrance.

Value for Money The lip balm is available in a very low range starting from Rs. It has small colored pops with lips swatches on it which give a trendy look to the product. Peach Kiss This is least favourite out of the bunch, i actually don't like this one at all really which is a shame. It is a light colored bar which can be worn for long hours.

But I must also stress that reapplying any lip balm constantly is not actually good for your lips. The packaging is long transparent printed cap due to which it is popularized among teen girls. When you apply these, initially they are absolutely lovely.

See it through my Eyes My lips are pigmented and I like to wear a tinted lip balm when am not wearing a lip color. If you're not a messy eater then I'm sure the balms will last longer on your lips but if you're like me, you'd have to constantly reapply after every time you put something in your mouth.

This is the only one that I found is really pretty and unique. Eventually I liked them so much that I purchased them in all colors. The details are mentioned on a transparent plastic film which has to be thrown. These days women, especially girls have become much more conscious about the kind of fragrance they have.

Vivid Peach This shade is the most pigmented and my favorite. It is not suitable for coloring the lips or to be used as a substitute of the lipstick. What were your thoughts, or favorite shades? Lips are visibly renewed and one can notice the difference very easily. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

No one likes the lips to be chapped or dry. As soon as I apply it, it feels cool and minty. It works great under my lipstick and just by itself. Doesn't taste like anything but it smells like a fruity punch.

There is peppermint, fruity, and everywhere in between. The tints are actually pretty surprising, and go on quite bright and true to the color of the product itself. Booming Ruby came out as a darker pink which surprised me, I thought it would be a lot more red toned considering how much of a vivid red the balm is. Performance-wise, they are both the same. However, the colour which surprised me the most was in fact Lychee.

Cons of Maybelline Baby Lips It is only popular among the teenagers. Maybelline is the brand who had served Indian Market for more than twenty years. Maybelline is known for all its products like lipsticks, foundations, creams, compacts, kajals or the lip balm. Maybelline Baby Lips is one of its good products for the lip care. Color Although Maybelline Baby lips are not for coloring your lips, non sedating antihistamine drugs they do give a beautiful pinkish shade to your lips.

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So make sure that you don't treat Baby Lips Candy Wow as a treatment product. In terms of comparing it with the original Baby Lips balm, I honestly do not see much of a difference between the two. Customer Satisfaction It not only takes care of your beautiful lips but also repairs them.

Read complete review I love the pink color and it really moisturuzes your lips to make it soft and renewed. Hope you find the review helpful in making a choice for your most delicate and prominent part i.

Pink Alert This is a pink shade which is pigmented and adds a glow to the face. However, the product is famous among the teenagers as they find it as a good substitute to color their lips.

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