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Shivaji Sawant

This book helps one to stand in their shoes and view and judge what is right and wrong and diffused. These were also women who were victims of patriarchy and the story isn't changed at all but I found the treatment given to the characters is quite different.

He has an impenetrable armor and has golden flesh earrings which are attached to his body. Looks like the author decided to do a paradigm shift of popular perception, but in doing that he actually does Duryodhana an injustice.

When the flesh-and-bones living behaves like the dead, then the dead have to come alive and speak out. This book is Karna's life depicting the psychological traumas undergone by the main characters surrounding his life due to social conventions imposed on the people. How can anyone swallowed by death speak?

And how his brothers reconciled to the death is not his business. Apart from indulging the semi-autobiography of a fictional figure, Sawant touches on one of the biggest realities of human society, one that has not changed since time immemorial. Ironically it is revealed later that Draupathi did not ask for his help since she was already regretting her insult of Karna at her Swayamvar and did not feel worthy of his assistance. At the beginning of the book, Karna tells that he wants to tell his story because the truth has to be known, so why is the truth about Eklavya not told.

In fact, house plans south africa Mrityunjaya only deepens it. Mrityunjaya is definitely one of the more profound retellings I have read. Mrityunjay s unique perception and contemporary treatment of images of history and heritage presents a lyrical recipe of a mythical drama.

Shivaji Sawant

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If one took a poll on the popularity of the various characters of the Mahabharata, Karna would rank amongst the top. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It is a matter of conjecture as to what would have happened, if Drona had allowed Karna to compete with Arjuna. Similarly, there is no great outpouring of affection when he realizes they are his brothers either. Arjun becomes his instant rival.

This book focus on Karna and his role in Mahabharata. Karna's death scene in this book is awe inspiring.

Shivaji Sawant

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The only outpouring of affection is for Draupadi and that has nothing to do with the newly discovered relationship. The Pandavas are not villains in his life.

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This depicts how a low-born man rises high in his ranks though he is insulted time and again in his life. The descriptions are so scintillating and dramatic that the reader is automatically drawn physically inside the story. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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Pages and cover are clean and intact. The part where Karna cuts off his armor to give to Indra and the subsequent description of his skinless body which is translucent is bound to shock you. He sees a friend in the tumbling dark clouds lumbering toward him who can travel great distances and may help carrying his earnings to his beloved, pining away for him at home in Himalayan Alkanagri. And still I would say if you can lay your hands on this one, please do.

Create a Want Tell us what you're looking for and once a match is found, we'll inform you by e-mail. Personally for me, the best take on the Mahabharata still remains Bhyrappa's Parva. Pandavas may have suffered disgrace, but it is all their own making.

Shivaji Sawant

We only do what we are made to do at a point of time by happenings around us. He was born in a small farmer family of Ajara village in Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. Shivaji Sawant has put colossal effort to ensure he doesn't leave us with a single question. The ones who know Marathi please go for the Marathi one. Some see joy in money, some see only grief in money, some see it in licentiousness and some see it in sacrifice.

Arjuna is portrayed in many places as swaying from ethics, while Karna holds on to his values even in his dying moments. There are lot of morals to take away from this story. This is known as the best retelling of Mahabharata. And even though his foster parents never explicitly tell him that he is adopted, it is almost like he senses it from the beginning. In this collection, English-speaking readers are finally able to experience the breadth and substance of Chatterjee's wide-ranging thought.

And he will not now betray Vrishali, who stood by him all these years, and accept Draupadi. Though the book is a sort of paean to Karna, it never goes overboard with it and tries to show his flaws as well. That armour always marks him out as special, in his own mind, and the ego gets pretty hurt when others like Drona fail to recognize this. If you are good with Marathi, read the original Marathi edition of this book.

Karna lost the war or did he? This has to be the best book I have ever read in my life. She tests it by praying to Sun god, who instantly appears before her and gives her a son and Karna is the most misunderstood character in the epics and this book brings that into light. Thought it over many times, but than better sense prevailed. Karna has to go through with various ups and down which finally put him in the mouth of death.

Probably he was the one who was subjected to the most cruel injustice of them all. The book is filled with similes and metaphors and one has to be tremendously focussed to get the whole meaning of it.