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The former pop star, Scottish singer and stage actor, Darius Campbell has finally announced that he's no longer officially married to his wife, actress and fashion model, Natasha Henstridge. Not much information is available on this relationship. The actress, who suffered an autoimmune disorder Hashimoto's disease, struggled a lot regarding weight gain and medications. But the love story of singer Darius and Species actress Natasha started from a pedestrian street of Los Angeles. Hello Magazine The couple wed secretly organizing a low profile ceremony in California without telling their close friends and not even their parents.

Liam Waite She is very beautifulLiam Waite She

Singer Darius Campbell confirmed the divorce with wife Natasha Henstridge,

However the marital life was full

They got engaged in but had called off the engagement. We didn't tell our parents for a few days afterwards. The two had dated for few months after they met.

They started dating after she broke up with her ex. Second Affair to Liam Waite He is an actor. He later moved over to her to kiss her mouth and the two shared a passionate kiss. The two got married shortly after they started relationship.

The two were in relationship before she was married and after she got divorced. We wanted to be together and enjoy it for a while. But reunited again The newly wed couple were just taking a head start with their marriage when they announced the shocking news that they were getting divorced.

Liam Waite She is very beautiful and is now grown up. Liam Waite She is in her mid teens. However, the marital life was full of issues, they got divorced.