Netanyahu's son dating non-jewish girl scout

Netanyahu's son dating non-jewish girl scout

This op-ed originally appeared on cnn. The Bible itself promises that we will be the smallest of the nations. Jews have held fast to that relationship for more than three millennia. For at Sinai, the Jewish people were not only given a collective mission.

The loss of that potential is a diminution of the entire Jewish people. The end of so many family lines extending back to antiquity provokes sadness.

For believing Jews Jewish survival

And if a Jewish woman marries a non-Jewish man, it is virtually guaranteed statistically that her offspring will cease to be Jewish within one or two generations. Gentile media around the world gleefully reported the faux hand-wringing in Israel.

Netanyahu's son sparks outrage

The Jews are a small

Judaism is unique among major monotheistic religions in not viewing eternal reward as contingent on becoming Jewish. When a Jewish male marries a non-Jew, that unbroken, millennial chain of ancestors is severed for good. Membership in the Jewish people is open to any human being who is willing to take on the same commitment as those who stood at Sinai.

In America today, more than four out of five marriages involving non-Orthodox Jews are intermarriages, according to a survey by Pew Research Center. Bluntly, the non-Orthodox segments of the Jewish people outside of Israel will cease to exist in one or two generations through intermarriage. The decision to marry only another Jew is one to make shared spiritual goals paramount in one's marriage. But the loss of any Jew is nevertheless a tragedy.

The Jews are a small and ancient people. Yet Jews have always believed that they were chosen for a unique mission. For believing Jews, Jewish survival reflects God's choice of the Jewish people to be the primary vehicle through which He reveals himself to the world. Size is not a Jewish standard of measure. One need not be Jewish to serve God.

Across the globe and in every historical period, great scholars and simple peasants have willingly given their lives rather than give up their relationship with God. The Israeli media went into one of its periodic feeding frenzies this week over reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's oldest son Yair has a non-Jewish girlfriend. Yet intermarriage is the consequence rather than the cause of a more fundamental change. Their continued existence, despite the rise of those determined to destroy them in every generation, is history's most prolonged miracle.

Yet Jews have always