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Takedown action game of the year. Just gear up and accelerate your car and be the fastest racer of the world.

There are many levels and you have to finish them all. So just control your car and win the race easily. There are many other racers come to join the race and compete with you. So you have to show your cuts, drifts and the skill of turning on the sharp turn.

Read on for another of the best offline racing game of the year. No limits is among the most played offline car racing game developed by Firemonkeys studios but published by the popular Electronic Arts. So If you believe in yourself and you thinks you can defeat all your opponent, dooba dooba rehta hoon mohit chauhan mp3 just download this epic offline racing game in your laptop and start playing. Street racing game has all the amazing features which attracts the car racing game lovers.

Offline pc racing game

Racer Vs Police is another the best car racing game which is very competitive racing game. There are many tracks and it is absolutely free to use. So according to your taste or mood.

10 Best Offline Car Racing Games For Android IOS & PC

This car racing game is competitive because you are not highway, you are in city and there are so many people are driving on road. As the police is chasing you, you have to fool them and hide.

All given games will give you all the opportunity to do stunt and race your car to be the fastest racer. You may want to race with cars, winning different trophies and all the money prizes. Playing racing game in large screen is a fun.

They have come to win the trophy and to prove themselves that they are the best. From my experience as a car racing games pro player, I find the challenging games fun than the less challenging, and this is just among the most challenging ones.

In this game, you have break traffic rules and police is chasing you. Drift your car, catch the criminal and earn points. Just download car racing game from its official website and start playing. If you are online, you can play with your friend.

So you have to stop all these things by catching them. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Hovercraft allows you to customize your cars, equip them with weapons you can use against other cars in the race. Many different types of ways, choose according to your taste. There are just five circuits available in the free mode which can give you enough fun, but if you want to have all of the fun from the app itself, a quick in-app purchase is not difficult to do. With a list of over speedy cars which you can add to your car collection, and the ability to upgrade them, and even paint them, this is a masterpiece from Gameloft. This game is very addictive and adventurous.

In online mode, you can play with your friend or against any other family members. Just drift, overtake and race your car in full speed. The packs of power-ups like Shields, missiles, and turbo will remind you of the wildly and widely played Mario Kart. So enjoy every moment of the game and defeat all your enemies. Play weather single mode or multiplayer mode, every mode is pretty interesting and addictive.

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10 Best Offline Car Racing Games For Android IOS & PC

In this game, your are a police man and the snatching, murder and robbery has become usual. You have a supercars and a gun by using which you can easily catch the criminals. Just get in the game and find out it. So run your car on your favorite track and defeat your opponent. It is easy to control, as all the controlling button is given on the screen.

Some racing games need internet or wifi to be played and some do not need wifi connection to play. Show get ready to show your racing skills and also show your drift and turn. When it comes to games that keep players playing from dawn to night, give the credit to Gameloft. Offline games can be played anywhere and whenever you want to play without any disturbance of network. So if you think that you are a racer and you can beat any one, download this game and defeat your opponent.

No limits is a race around different locations with the most powerful cars. In this game, you are a racer whose aim is to be first among all other contenders. If you want to race alone and still keep it fun, Thumb drift is the game you need. Drift, cuts and turn your car.

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