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The twins create a lot of humor and misunderstanding in the movie. Music for the film is a high point. Go and watch the movie and share your feedback with us. Jahar now comes with the news that Bhanu has won the lottery in reality. Music for the film is scored by Raja Narayan Deb.

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However, Kumar goes to Bombay an stays with his brother. Mahapurush or The Holy Man is a black comedy or sorts that focuses on corrupt godmen who con people and make money in the name of religion.

Mohunbaganer Meye is one of the best old Bengali comedy movies which you definitely like it. Will the misunderstandings end between the two?

On the day of marriage, a great confusion ensues as a result of the identity of the twins. Rest of the story revolves around how they use those boons for the betterment of Shundi Kingdom. Sitish got attracted to Nipa.

Comedy movies are always on the top notch among the audience whether it belong to Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood or any other cinema. It is one of the best old comedy Bengali movies which you should undoubtedly watch.

Lukochuri is a Bengali old comedy movie directed by Kamal Majumdar. Hey Beautiful Bride is a Bengali old comedy movie and was one of the last films of the iconic Bengali actor Uttam Kumar, final fantasy games windows 7 who died during production. Only true Bengali fans will like this movie.

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The balloon however pops in the end and Bhanu falls straight into the Hooghly. The story is quite simple, a love traingle, beneath the surface a complex range of emotions are felt. In the office, he meets Reeta with whom his friendship soon develops into love. It is a movie which you should not miss it. Mahapurush O Kapurush tickles with quite a few chuklesome situations.

Bhombal grabs this opportunity to play a prank on Kedar. Somehow, Sitish escaped from there.

Mohit Kumar, founder of Movienasha- Filmy Addiction. After a huge drama finaly truth comes out. Never will you feel that they are playacting. The film ran to packed houses in Bengal for a record fifty-one weeks and was by far the most commercially successful Ray film. The comedy is exceedingly natural and free-flowing.

His films were related to classic literature of giant novelists. It is definitely once a watch and will certainly make you go back and revisit Ray. Jamalaye Jibanta Manush, at a first glance is a comic love story with an innovative plot and hilarious dialogues. Kishore Kumar proves to be the king of comedy. It is a movie that guarantees both laughter and nostalgia.

There are many comedy scenes in the movie which never fail to make you laugh. The movie revolves around Kedar Chatterjee Tapas Pal who is a simpleton whose repeated failures in the B. Will Kedar and Sarawati meet? As per his plan, he went at Allahabad and put up as the driver selected after a comic interview.

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One day Sada went outside Bengal for a change. The story go on around Kumar and his twin brother Shankar. When they were coming back, police chased them. Joy forces Roma to apply for the post of personal assistant in a company that employs only women candidates.

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To know the answers, you have to watch the movie- Dadar Kirti. He chose actors and actresses who suited the respective role and he was an inspiration for all the directors of India. Bhanu escapes, and in the climax of a chase sequence, is shown flying through the air hanging onto a gas balloon, out of reach of his pursuers. You guys, atleast give a try to this movie. The performance by all the actors are good.

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Nipa took it offensively and asked him to keep the window closed. The movie has a cult following.

The basic storyline might give the same feel, but this film has many more twists and turns. When Jahar finds out that he is being cheated by his best friend, he threatens the latter with a gun. The movie has a rich script carried off with much aplomb and relish by its cast. But Bhombal shows his true colour and creates misunderstanding between the two, leading to separation. The songs are really good to hear.

It was a huge box-office success when it came out and is an oft-watched movie even today. The movie was a huge box office success upon its release and still has a popular following. The story revolve around Kumar who leaves home for a job in Bombay. Shankar gets a break in a film as a music director but is soon driven up the wall by the illogical demands of the producer and the director who wants all types of music combined into one song. Shyamal Mitra scored the music in the film.

Banerjee, who was a worker of jute mill, also wanted Sitish as his son-in-law. Superlative natural performances, setting, costumes, dialogues and situations make this film so close to reality. Imagine the chaos when a beautiful girl arrives in hostel full of bachelors! There is exploitation of poor farmers and diamond miners. It is a good movie to watch.

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