Online dating study 2019 presidential election

Online dating study 2019 presidential election

His bent to foist his Chief of Staff and son-in-law, Mr. There is also another angle to events playing out in Rivers State.

Snag is Nigerian

The by-product of the struggle for power, territory, economic and agricultural resources is sporadic electoral, inter-communal violence, and reprisal attacks. As a result, politicking is gathering momentum in diverse dimensions and quarters with many defections, scheming and political-arithmetic by ambitious politicians. As Obama rightly said, Africa needs strong institutions not strong men. No fewer than people were reportedly killed in politically-related violence that enveloped the state during the build-up to the general elections.

The Irish Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Wike questioned the ability of the police to guarantee security during the elections.

Finally, for the ruling party, consolidation of laboured ground-breaking policies becomes the new mantra. Similarly, perpetrators of election violence or electoral offences must be prosecuted to serve as deterrent. Reacting to the siege at the National Assembly, a former Department of State official, in a tweet, Mr.

The Sultanate Council of Sokoto recently dissociated itself from a post. Snag is, Nigerian security agencies are currently stretched to their elastic limits as the country grapples with a near collapse of its internal security mechanism. And for new entrants, audacious claims on rescue mission over the economy writing off the ruling class with endless commissions and omissions. These two states are vote-banks and election battlegrounds that can make or mar the chances of a presidential candidate.

Of course, this is politics in action, as long as campaigns are issues-based, devoid of personal attacks and acrimony. They facilitate their movement. Governor Yahaya Bello is the first minority from the Ebira tribe to govern Kogi state.

The cold war between the erstwhile governor of Akwa Ibom state and now a senator, Godswill Akpabio, and his political godson, governor Udom Emmanuel may dovetail into full-blown political violence. Interestingly, the massive deployment of security operatives neither stopped nor dissuaded the brazen vote-buying witnessed during the Ekiti election. Risk of Electoral Violence in Nigeria in Electoral or political violence, ethno-religious conflict are recurring decimals in Nigeria. Kano is arguably the capital of ethno-religious violence in Nigeria.

The Sultanate Council of Sokoto

If not, the economy will inescapably recycle to square one by changing government alongside policies haphazardly. The tribal, cultural and religious dichotomy and rivalry between southern predominantly Christians and northern Kaduna largely Muslims is often exported to the political terrain.

Incessant attacks in Zamfara state is unlikely to be reined in before the general elections. While some people extenuate this penchant on the grounds of insecurity in the country, others say it is an aberration. Machiavellian intrigues, seismic political stunts, inter-party defections, impeachment plots are now the new normal in Nigeria. The National Assembly is yet to reconvene let alone deliberate on the N billion budgeted for the general elections. This is one of the reasons insecurity persists in Nigeria and why insecurity may jeopardize the general elections.

And for new entrants audacious claims

The Christian body believes that insecurity poses grave threat to the conduct of the general elections. On the other hand, few that are insecure and uncertain of actualizing personal ambitions in the ruling party opt for exodus. Arising from this, this may not be a good time for hate speeches along ethnic lines but to ponder meticulously, responsibly and foresightedly before adopting a presidential candidate.

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History, prevailing goings-on in Nigeria, and open-source intelligence prognosticates electoral, political violence prior to, during or after the general elections. The political wheeling and dealing playing out in Nigeria is having a butterfly-effect on the already fragile economy, volatile political climate, security, geo-political risk, instability.

Prior to his defection, the Kaduna state government demolished a building belonging to Hunkuyi. There is no gainsaying the fact that lack of transparency is an invitation to violence.