Technical Information Wideband Tuning

P28 vtec hook up

They have chips as well, and all that. So, if you have problems with your new motor build and need it to run better, you have no other choice but to get tuned.

Tuning is an art and a science - and hopefully fun. This will get you closer to peak power for mb air pressure.

It you have a turbocharger, set the boost value as low as possible - preferably zero. Try both chips and use which ever seems to run your car better as a base.

Most wideband meters - the ones that are of any use in tuning here have a volt output proportional to air fuel ratio. Your engine may require more or less fuel for maximum power. Note that after peak torque, the engine will need less fuel.

Technical Information Wideband Tuning

Chipping seems more complicated to me. Now you are ready to start making some changes. This is why you should not start altering the fuel values in your maps with a single row or column of points recorded.

Put the car in first gear and drive the car slowly in first or second. Checking operation Start the car and read the airfuel ratio from the wideband's display. So that means no vtec for shit.

The values should be similar. Braking technique Again using a long straight road change the car to second or third gear and bring the revs down to idle about rpm Depress the brake while depressing the accelerator.

Tune down each of the boost columns. Diagnosing through the internet is extremely hard. This should ensure all the air fuel values along the rpm line are recorded.

Now you are ready to start

Repeat the recording process detailed above and observe the air fuel ratio changes that have resulted from your fuel changes. There's ignition switched power available on the engine harness. At this point we do not want to generate boost.

Chipping seems more complicated to meThis is why

Notes on this graph - display in air fuel values. This does not replace dyno tuning, but augments it. Another good reason to tune part throttle correctly. Knowing the date you paid as well as the Paypal transaction will help me locate the files as well. Depends where you get the sensor.

This erases the recorded lambda values. The key to having a good performing motor is to keep the air to fuel ratio perfect at every possible moment. We have had reports back that this produces falsely rich values leading to overleaning the fuel tables. This may not be the most efficient way of tuning.