Know the Red Flags of Abuse

Red flags in dating abuse ads

Narcissists, on the other hand, want to fast-forward both emotional and physical intimacy as a way to win your trust and investment in them quickly. Predators put on a false facade that deceives and fools everyone else. Any jealousy or insecurity we experience is an indication of our problems with our self-esteem.

Others will use social media such as Catholic forums, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Toxic partners feel the only way to build attraction is by undermining your sense of self. It is immoral and he is wasting your time.

Just because a man says he is Catholic does not mean that he truly is in practice. In marriage, this is the sort of predator that will physically abuse, control and kill you. Your life could well depend on it.

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Here is an example of such a man. For example he told me he would hit a woman but I thought he was joking because he said he never would hurt me. They have a personality disorder, which means that there is no medication that can help them and therapy makes them worse.

We believe that certain red flags can be dismissed, when in fact, it is incredibly telling that these flags are appearing at all so early. If they talk a lot about your looks, past relationships, sexual history, then they want to use you for sex. This is not normal behaviour and it is useless trying to justify or excuse it.

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Know the Red Flags of Abuse

If you've endured life with an abusive partner, it was not your fault. They have a genuine interest in finding a partner who is compatible with them and have no interest in misleading or exploiting anyone.

Abusers, sociopaths, and predators tend to leave a trail of destruction in their wake. God is not the author of confusion. From the attention that this particular topic has garnered, it is clear to see that this is a pervasive issue, not just within the Church, but in society at large.

Many of us approach dating with an excessive sense of generosity. Realise that when the predator is this inappropriate so early in the relationship, he is testing your boundaries. This is someone who, without even knowing you, professes their adoration with you early on. Authentic dating partners should be laughing with you, not making you the butt of every joke. Living in the age of entitlement.

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Your heart will lie to you, your head will deceive you, but your gut will never lead you astray. Another woman told me the issue should be dealt with by being nice. Not all age-gap relationships are like this, of course, but be very wary nonetheless, and factor this Red Flag in the context of the other Red Flags in this article.