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Confluence with Ocean is a Telugu musical dance film directed by K. The music pieces include a mix of Indian classical and modern with a sombre and brooding tone.

The scene where Kamalhassan dying mother gives her poor son some money will bring tears to Gabbar Singh's eyes. Hat's of to the director K. He, in fact, acted in many of the Amitabh films that were remade in Tamil.

Another good thing about th movie was the music and dance which helped people from all across to connect. The husband later returns to unite Madhavi and Balu, but Balu decides to sacrifice his love showing respect for the institution of marriage. Much beyond the dance, this movie is an amazing portrayal of human emotions.

What will happen when he finds out? What would you say Anu is the takeaway from this film? And a small token of appreciation -.

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And this is what lifts Sagara Sangamam to such a height. Leaving aside the melodrama, which, if it had been avoided would have elevated the film to a timeless classic, Sagara Sangamam is a story that is well-told. Sagara sangamam is the story of two star crossed lovers who sacrifice all for the happiness of each other. Redirected from Saagara Sangamam. Coupled with a great background score, jotun colour advisor the music underlines the emotions of the characters on screen and envelops us with its many different layers.

Sagara Sangamam

Why couldn't the poor woman have acted in a different decade? That man has forgotten more about acting and cinema, in general than most people will ever learn in many lifetimes. She looked thoroughly uncomfortable. For that matter, I watch Bengali movies the way you watch south Indian ones.

Well, in this case, he's being supported by Raghu, no? Telugu Movies With Best Screenplays.

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Maybe I should watch it again now, since it has been almost thirty years since I saw the movie - yikes, has it been that long? Meanwhile, Shylaja has returned home in triumph. Once upon a time, I could also speak it, but that proficiency has fallen off due to disuse. Balu's aging mother passes away from the afflictions of poverty two days before the performance.

It's funny that you should be able to load my blog on your mobile now - I don't think I did anything even though I mucked around with the template a bit. The devotionals accompanying the dance pieces are still evergreen favorites in Southern India. It was a very effective scene. Viswanath Edida Nageshwara Rao.

After all, what is his relationship to Balu? He could never achieve respect for the treasures he possessed, but realizes that he has lived his dream through his unlikely disciple, and fulfilled his life's mission moments before his death. Years pass by and he turns into a drunkard. Telugu or Tamil, I need subtitles. Shaking my head in disgust You and me, both.

Kamal hassan portrays Balakrishna so well that its hard to imagine anyone else in his place. Madhavi follows him with an umbrella covering Balu from the rain. Balu, who was very attached to her, is emotionally devastated and fails to participate in the dance festival. Filmography of Kasinathuni Viswanath.

Sagara Sangamam Bgm - Love Theme by Deepak Music

Sagara Sangamam Bgm - Love Theme by Deepak Music

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As the alcoholic, good-for-nothing, washed-out dance critic Balu, he brought a pathos to his role that made a lump rise in your throat. It was a shame that Sridevi lost to Smita Patil for Chakra. Two guys, one a thief and the other filthy rich, meet each other in a journey started by the latter in search of his love.

However, instead of apologising profusely, as the duo expects, Balu demands that she perform the piece again. In the absence of that knowledge, what do we do? Meanwhile Madhavi loses her husband. And how beautiful she was!

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Madhavi seemingly accepts his love yet the river and the sea never meet. Vishwanath is flawless and dialogs by Jhandhyala are immortal. On that WordPress migration, WordPress has a single click option to import your entire blog to its platform, but you would have to go around, twaeking each post. Must watch Kamal Hassan Films.

Also, I hope you would have recalled at some point, the by-the-numbers rip-off that was adapted to another so-called classic in Malayalam cinema, Kamaladalam. Probably the best movie made in Telugu language. Balasubramaniam completely deserves the national award that he won for this movie. Pitah rakshati kaumare Pati rakshati youvanne Putro rakshati vardhakye Na stree swatantram arhate. This one had subtitles that introduced a lot of un-intentional comedy.

She is a photojournalist who writes about art, and is shooting at a temple when she comes across Balu. Vishwanath too for giving us such a wonderful movie!

How long will Madhavi hide the truth from Balu? About the performances, anything said is less.