Schumacher vs senna yahoo dating

Schumacher vs senna yahoo dating

Straight away he was as quick as me. The problem is that Lewis hasn't reached his peak yet and we don't exactly know how good Lewis Hamilton actually is. Just sheer admiration and a sense of pride that he was there. So I don't make a case based in numbers that indicate superiority to Schumacher because his numbers are bigger.

It is my firm belief that Schumacher was a bit greater of the two on the track. The reason people bring up Donnington all the time is because Senna did the impossible in a piece of junk car that had no real chance that year to win the championship. Schumacher had never driven any kind of car on Spa Francorchamps circuit before.

He won three races in a car that was miles off the pace, his driving was on a separate level from the rest. To prepare myself for this article, I recently watched again the and seasons in review and Schumacher gave Senna a really good run for his money in many of the wheel to wheel battles. In his first full season he finished third in the championship and in the years to come, he established himself firmly at the top of the Formula One tree. That the same holds true for Mika Hakkinen is something he invites you to take for granted. Hakkinen's even temperament may be the key to their sense of mutual respect.

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Then come and Schumacher was clearly the man destined for the title if you see how beginning of season went in spite of the widespread belief that this was Senna's year. The best was a stunning victory in torrential rain in Spain, where he routinely lapped as much as five seconds faster than anyone else.

And the same can be said of the entire team. If anything crystallized Ayrton as a hero for me, it was that. Their lasting appeal is more complex than a simple list of record book statistics.

Their lasting appeal

Senna is simply the best driver that ever lived, his talent was sensational and his magic is something I have never seen before. But through the season his talent developed to the point where there was nothing to choose between them. He gets one only in Monaco some races after.

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Beneton was not some great team nor they have some great car. All other years Michael beat him. You have to take this corner flat'. Mutual respect between such highly competitive sportsmen is a rare commodity, calling as it does for a sense of honest self-awareness. There appears even to be a curious competitive bond between them.

It hasn't been a relaxing time at all and I still haven't completely got over the jet lag from the States. Senna finished fourth overall in the championship, behind the Williams duo of Mansell and Patrese, and Benetton's certain Michael Schumacher. He lay on the track, still strapped to his seat, with the debris of his wrecked Lotus strewn around him, his legs twisted at hideous angles.

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Schumacher also tried to nudge Jacques Villeneuve off the circuit in the European grand prix at Jerez, the race in which Hakkinen scored his first formula one victory. This hadn't been seen since the days of Clarke. It's one of the toughest tracks, very quick, long and extremely challenging. Even if the German finishes second to Hakkinen in both races he will be equal on points and take the title on a tie-breaker with seven wins to his McLaren-Mercedes rival's six.