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Eager to finally have news about Sai's mission, Shikamaru rushes to the Hokage to hear his report. Shikamaru checks on Sai and assures him that he is not to blame for anything he did while under Gengo's control. Sai attempts to stop Shikamaru but his way is blocked by Temari, who has been desperately searching for Shikamaru ever since he left for the Land of Silence.

He knows Shikamaru is working hard with the goal of making him the next Hokage, but Naruto can't help but wonder if he's worth whatever risks Shikamaru is taking. Most of the Konoha and Suna forces return to their villages, with a small force including Naruto remaining behind to help the Land of Silence return to normalcy after Gengo's arrest. Posts should be directly related to Naruto. Saucenao or Google Images.

The Enlightened Ones all speak reverently of Gengo and criticise the shinobi system. It is apparent to Kakashi that, if nothing is done, the Union will inevitably go to war with the Land of Silence. Gengo is impressed by his continued refusal and gives Shikamaru permission to kill him if he wants.

Support the creators and rights holders! The damage to Gengo's tongue causes his influence over the Enlightened Ones to disappear. However, his shadow refuses to be used against Gengo, who inexplicably discovers their presence.

They capture two more Enlightened Ones so that they each have enough a cloak to disguise themselves with. He uses his other senses to locate Gengo, dodge his sword swings, and disarm him several times. Shikamaru delays Temari from leaving with the others in order to ask her out on a date.

For that reason, he turns down the mission, as he has a date with Temari the next day. Gengo flees and Shikamaru goes after him. They leave the village in secret early the following morning.

He overpowers Gengo, who blames Shikamaru's new resolve on Temari's appearance. Sai forces Shikamaru to release him and Gengo attempts to use his voice on the Suna shinobi, but Temari, at Shikamaru's instruction, is park shin hye dating lee jong suk fills the chamber with gales of wind so that nobody can hear him.

Any low-effort posts which do not even belong in dankruto shouldn't be posted at all. Shikamaru decides that he won't get up until somebody else forces him to. Post what you want to say or display in the stickied thread.

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Shikamaru Hiden Anime Air Date Revealed – Spiralling Sphere

Once, he wanted to spend his days watching the clouds, having an unremarkable life that would end with an unremarkable death. Do not add any spoilers in the title of your post. Be civil and respect your fellow redditors Harassment, any kind of hate speech, personal attacks and insults, verbal abuse etc.

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Just as he leaves Sai's side, however, Shikamaru is immediately assaulted by Naruto, who is upset that Shikamaru would put himself in danger without telling him. When Shikamaru returns to work after a week, Kakashi offers him a mission that, while important, can be accomplished by almost anyone. He restrains Gengo with his shadow and Soku uses a Chakra Needle on his tongue, robbing him of his ability to talk. Shikamaru rushes at Gengo in order to perform the assassination himself, but is intercepted by Sai, now an Enlightened One.

Check out the Filter sort posts by type we have next to the search bar! Enlightened Ones start to engage Temari's Sunagakure forces while Shikamaru resumes his discussion with Gengo. Shikamaru does not hesitate to volunteer for the job, chiefly so that he can try to find Sai.

Although he trusts Konoha has a good reason for the secrecy, he gives Temari permission to investigate what Shikamaru is doing and lend him whatever support she wishes to. They attend a rally the next day where Gengo delivers a speech to an enraptured crowd.

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Shikamaru still can't refute Gengo's points, but the fact that Gengo wants to replace the world that Naruto and Temari occupy is reason enough for him to disagree.

He starts to suspect Gengo is using a genjutsu not dependent on eye contact, but he gives up before figuring it out, deciding it doesn't matter. Just as Shikamaru is about to join hands with Gengo, a gust of wind lifts him into the air and then drops him on the ground. Tag spoilers Absolutely no spoilers in titles! The closest similarities are the actions of cloaked figures, who are treated with deference by the citizens. After he's gone, Naruto Uzumaki talks to Sakura Haruno about Sai's long absence and Shikamaru's recent cold behaviour.

The number of missions has also seen an unusually sharp decline. After ten days they are brought before Gengo. He sees that it is the doing of Temari and, from her appearance and her words, Gengo's influence over him disappears.

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She finds him trapped deep in his consciousness, wrapping himself with memories of his friends. He sent Sai and a team of ten Anbu to investigate. Sakura heals Temari's wound and Ino delves into Sai's mind in order to break Gengo's hold over him. What troubles them most, however, is the fact that Sai did not deliver the report in person. He upsets her by refusing to tell her anything.

He finally deduces that Gengo's voice is laced with genjutsu. Shikamaru promises to never keep anything from Naruto ever again. Limit low-effort submissions No low-effort memes, image macros or shitposts.

Shikamaru Hiden Anime Air Date Revealed

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Defeated, Gengo is taken into custody. Shikamaru follows Gengo into a closed room. Shikamaru reminds himself of his promise to Asuma to train Mirai, and as such becomes determined not to die on his mission. Although he wants to agree, a small place of defiance in his heart causes Shikamaru to ask why he must be subordinate to Gengo. In order to avoid this, Gengo must be assassinated.

The room is too dark for Shikamaru to use his shadow, forcing him to go on the defence. From investigating both matters, Kakashi believed the Land of Silence - a samurai -run country on a distant continent - was involved. Now aware of this, the things Gengo say no longer have power over him and his lack of interest only flusters Gengo. Gengo asks Shikamaru to become his right-hand man. Do not post art from the same user multiple days in a row.