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Pepsi, Maggi, Suzuki, you name it. But he could have done better. Fans of Rahman, you ask why Rahman keeps moving to Bollywood. Default Default Title Rating.

One of her worst performances ever! At the registrar's office after Gautham ties the knot, Aishwarya's father and his men beat him up, separating the lovers and sending Aishwarya off to Australia. She, along with her two friends, decide to have a love marriage. The other is that while Rahman's music is good, it is not up to his usual standard, and is certainly one of his worse films. The story moves back and forth from there on and keeps the audience enthralled in almost all the aspects, whether it be music, comedy, romance, anger, fight etc.

She rushes back home to finds Guatham alone and a letter on the desk. Why include Vadivelu in it? And why is her make up so heavy when she has perfect complexion? Bhoomika Chawla is just gorgeous during the film and does justice to her role.

But anyone can suggest this movie to watch just because of its storyline. Whilst sleeping has a dream of Guatham having the time of his life and suddenly realises her decision was totally wrong.

The director has to be applauded on his fine job, bringing comic, actions and romantic elements together well, but his camera work does get a bit shabby at places. Select your display language You can choose one language. And from then on its all about the love and affection that a husband has on his wife and the faith and trust a wife has on her husband that moves the movie so damn well till the end. Which wife would do what Kundhavi Jyothika did? And how fair is the ending to Aishwarya?

Munbe Vaa song is a treat to the eyes and to the heart. Thozhil oru sila naazhi thaniya naal tharaiyinil meen mm Munbe vaa en anbe vaa oone vaa uyire vaa naan naana ketten ennai naane. His expressions during all the songs he was featured in really do not fit the way the singer sings the songs.

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Jillendru Oru Kadhal will take shape soon. Munbe vaa en anbe vaa oone vaa uyire vaa Munbe vaa en anbe vaa poo poovai poopom vaa.

After looking at the way his songs are picturised in Kollywood, why would he want to stay here? Third why would the his ex girlfriend agree to go and be with him? Discography Awards and nominations. Surya and Jyo are supposed to be this ideal husband and wife and we are shown this till it gets to a point you start asking is there a story.

Aishwarya Bhoomika has certainly improved in so many aspects from her debut movie Badri. It is Santhanam who is the show stealer during the comedy scenes. Unhappy with the decision Kunthavi made he stays at home. Secondly how can a man spend all his life not even thinking about an ex whom he loved, apparently and was snatched away from him and whose whereabouts or situation he has no idea about?

Sillunu Oru Kaadhal

But Kunthavi still has that thought in her mind and without Guatham knowing she talks to Aishwariya who now is a totally different girl all hip and modern. The film moves in the more un-interesting pace ever. Musiq and a day later in India by Star Music.

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The film was shot extensively in Rajamundari, Vizag, with some portions in Mumbai, Coimbatore and Chennai, while a song was shot in Switzerland masquerading it as New York. The music was highly appreciated. Reading Gauthams diary she tries to fulfill his wish of living one day with Aishwaiya.

With a title like that, one would expect a heart warming and cooling love story but what you end up is a painfully botched up love story. However, unlike others, Kundavi has brought the girl her husband loved in order to make him happy. Gautham works as the chief mechanic at an automobile company and goes to New York for a short period. Wonder, if she had turned so super confident why didn't she try to find her love as she no longer feared anyone.

Surya is married to Jyothika and lives happily with his daughter. Was the producer of the film K. Rahman Music Director Follow. Gautham Is he as simple as he seems to be?

Even after that he continues to dominate her using crude language. Get Activation Code New User? During this time, Kundavi comes across Gautham's old college diary. Rather being a regular love story, the script of Jillunu oru kaadhal moves in a different path.

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That's the question you keep asking whilst watching the film! When one is watching him, one wishes they could slap him on the face.

His new movie, Sillunu Oru Kadhal is very different from Ghajini and Aaru, as it, like the title suggests, is a romantic film, with excellent chemistry between the characters, f3 acca books Jyothika and Bhoomika. Sillunu Oru Kaadhal Theatrical release poster. Raaga Tamil Jillunu Oru Kadhal.

But Gautham isn't in love with Aishwaiya anymore and all he can think about is Kunthavi. You may also like Shuffle Play. And why the heck did Sukanya even agree to do such a minuscule role which could have done by just anyone? The film's score and soundtrack were composed by A.