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Kaydar had powers, as did I, but his were greater. Sharra shrieked and turned away. He touched it again, and the music rose and died, lost notes without a tune. He was ready when she returned, wrapped head to foot in a huge fluffy brown towel.

And on and on he walked, and new horizons fell beneath his feet each day, and the great fat sun waxed red and orange and yellow, but still his world was empty. Even in sleep, your presence is a wonder. He offered her more wine, and her fingers lingered on his as she took the glass. The window was sealed and closed, but the wind looked cold.

My world has beauty and wonder and mystery enough, if only there were eyes to see it. They take turns up there, watching me, each of the Seven. When she glanced back, there was no window.

Laren waved an impatient hand. And then our nights would be all shimmer and gossamer.

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And the memories are all false ones, sent to make me hurt the more. But our stars were a thousand colors, and they moved, like ghostly lanterns in the night.

His eyes were not on her, but far away, full of fog and dreams and half-dead rememberings. Sharra began to weep, softly. Of burning love and endless searching, of worlds beyond worlds, of dark crowns and waiting guardians that fought with claws and tricks and lies. Swift as suspicion, quicker than thought, her hand went to her head. Play in new window Download.

But the song ended with a question, the halting finale lingering in the air, echoing, echoing. He squeezed her hand, very gently. For giving Kaydar back to me.

Days went, and years, and centuries, and Laren grew tired and mad but never old. There was a singular, striking joy in that run through the darkling forest, holding a bow she never used and wearing a quiver of black wood arrows cut from the same dour trees that surrounded them. He sang his other dream this time, the one where he was a god and the enemy of the Seven.

There are some who hold you with weapons, some with chains, some with lies. She is gray-eyed and pale of skin, or so the story goes, and her hair is a coal-black waterfall with half-seen hints of red. Sharra walked out to him and took his hand. But maybe in the next one, she would find Kaydar.

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They slept together every night, and every night Laren sang his songs while Sharra listened. So Laren sang, of endless empty days and nights when music and memory were his only sanity, and his songs made Sharra feel it. Maybe they are less strange and less beautiful, quicktime 2.1 but you will not be alone.

There is no one around to dispute me. It was a statement, not a question. He had a strong face, with charcoal-colored hair that curled in lazy ringlets and fell down into dark eyes somehow wider than they should be. You still have not told me why your windows seal themselves at night.

Dor Hindi Movie MP3 Songs Download

There was meat, several types of biscuits, fruit, cheese, milk. By then his white had faded to dim gray.

Finally Sharra turned to him. Then, as the purple sun dipped lower behind the ridge, she crawled away from the water to a sheltered spot among the trees and fell into exhausted sleep. Her hair, jet-black with light-born glints of red and purple, blew as freely as his cape, but the dark crown was in place. Frozen, she could not move her eyes. Here, with both of us unchanging and immortal, how could we help but to grow bored?

But it was cold and tough when she bit into it, and suddenly she noticed that the candles had burned very low. We must be inside before darkness. We were only together for a short time, but he did make me happy. They brushed her, touched her, then melted away, back into the fog, here and gone again so swift that she could not remember quite what they had been. Sharra had never quite seen its like.

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You are Sharra, who moves between the worlds. Here and now it seems somewhat silly. Sharra saw Laren wake in a familiar castle, now deserted. She wears about her brow a circlet of burnished metal, a dark crown that holds her hair in place and sometimes puts shadows in her eyes.

In the bedroom, glittering panoramas formed where hot white suns burned beneath eternal oceans and hissed in clouds of steam, and men ancient beyond time lit rainbows to keep away the dark. For there are other times when I think that I have always been here, that I was born here some endless age ago. The sun shone green and violet and a savage hard blue-white, but with each cycle there was less color in his world.

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But she looked at him, confused. It was still dark when she woke, not knowing why. Laren stopped, and his eyes woke up again. And he took her hand before replying, wrapping it softly in his and stroking her with his thumb. The water, for all its swiftness, was a dark and murky green.

Even your crown will not help you should they move on you directly. Often I remember vaguely that I was a god. Kaydar is all fire and laughter, while I am smoke and song and sadness. The setting sun hung fat and violet on the ridge above, and its rays slanted down silently into a dense forest whose trees had shiny black trunks and colorless ghostly leaves. Sharra fought a fond, flickering smile, and lost.

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It was taller than the mountains and it filled up half the sky, and though it gave off light enough to see the castle by, Sharra knew that it was dark beyond darkness. And finally the time drew near. They walked across the courtyard, to the door. Laren hugged her and smiled.