Spoolmatic 30a hookup, miller spoolmatic 30a owner s manual

Looks like I need to pull the cover and do the checks on this thing to see whats going on. Replace worn Welding arc not stable. If you have a Millermatic Vintage you will need a MillerPin Module in order to make the hook up.

Engineered for performance, the Active Arc Stabilizer provides the most consistent arc starts in its class along with optimum weld performance in all settings. Do I have what I need to make this rig run? The thought of tig'n all this stuff is just killing me. It is normal in tig welding to flow the gas for a few seconds after the arc is extinguished.

Miller Spoolmatic 30A Owner s Manual

The possible hazards are shown in the adjoining symbols. The most commonly used shielding gases are listed in the following table. Welding Tables And Workbenches. Install new o-ring and adapter, and tighten setscrews. Its been a while since I've messed with this power supply and to be quite honest, my memory and ability to dope this type of stuff out isnt worth a hoot anymore.


Carts, Running Gear and Trailers. This group of symbols means Warning! Many different combinations mixtures of shielding gases have been developed over the years. Adjust pressure setting on wire feed rolls.

Shopmaster & 30 amp spool gun hookup help

Positive Weld Output Terminal Connect weld cable to weld output terminal. Wrong size gun liner or contact tip. Gas flow blows dust and dirt from valve. Its been sitting since he gave it to me and now I have a decent job for it. We can ship the machine to the freight forwarder at no charge.

Spool Gun Hookup Chart

Millermatic 252 MIG Pkg with Spoolmatic 30A 208/230 Volt 951066
  • For shielding gas preflow and post- flow, lightly press trigger before and after welding.
  • Retract wire onto spool and secure.
  • Some tig machines provide the post flow automaticly, some provide a control for the time, and some don't provide it at all.
  • If so, where would this go in the chain, have no idea where this thing came from, lots of knobs and switches.

Built-in gas valve eliminates the need to purge long gas lines. Search in titles only Search in Welding Discussions only Search. Works well on galvanized steel. Route gas hose along side panel. All and all I am happy with the gun except it arrived without a wire tip and nozzle so I had to purchase these items just to try it out.

Spoolmatic 30A

Controls Voltage Control Turn control clockwise to increase voltage. Place work clamp as close to the weld as possible. Gun Drive Assembly Maintenance Retract wire onto spool. Will this hook to a millermatic and what would it require to install it? Both work awesome and don't burn back tips.

Spoolmatic 30A Welding

Arrange cables to one side and away from the operator. Routine Maintenance Maintain more often Disconnect power before maintaining. Need to track that down before any power hits it.

Spoolmatic 30A



Spool Cut welding wire off at contact tip. The spool gun plugged into our Miller welder and worked great. Pros Works great, has a spot weld and delay timer which is neat. Does this come with the cable cover?

With Miller's exclusive Auto-Gun-Detect, simply pull the trigger for either gun and you're ready to weld. Miller Multioperator Welders. You can probly read about it in the machine's owner's manual. This item ships Free via standard ground shipping within contiguous U. Symbol Usage Means Warning!

For future reference, write serial number in space provided on back cover of this manual. As usual, I believe that Miller makes good products and this spoolgun definately did a good job and worked well with my welder. Harris Specialty Gas Regulators.

Miller Millermatic 252 Owner s Manual


Arc rays from the welding process produce intense visible and invisible ultraviolet and infrared rays D Always ventilate confined spaces or use that can burn eyes and skin. Guess thats all thats needed for the spool motor in the gun. It will require some wiring modification in order to make it operate. Any other equioment needed for good results?

Welding current, as it flows through welding cables, will cause electro- magnetic fields. Match liner and contact tip to wire size and type. Reversible drive roll saves time and money.

The up grade that we believe you are referring to would be the new Spoolmatic Pro which is not part of this package. Any pointers on hookup and use? Pulled the pedal and tried it, still flowing, pulled the line off the gas valve and tried it, still flowing from the valve. You want find it any cheaper. Push-Pull Gun Direct Connect - now directly connects your push-pull gun, no extra module required.

Electrode extension stickout too long. The spool gun works great! The wire speed is on the bottom of the gun, I assume the spool gun has pre and post flow points on the trigger that controls the gas? Connecting To Weld Output Terminals Do not place anything between weld cable terminal and copper bar.

Spoolmatic 30a

Breathing shirt, cuffless trousers, high shoes, real and a cap. Bought this welder to speed up aluminum fabrication. Material thickness determines weld parameters. Also has preflow and post flow for excellent gas coverage. This not a simple plug and go connection.

Spool Brake Thumbnut Grasp spool in one hand and turn while adjusting spool brake thumb- nut. Wire speed adjustment on the gun handle saves time. Any trick suggestions or issues with this setup? Wonder if I should disconnect the tig gear before turning it on with the spoolgun coonnected?

Miller Spoolmatic 30A Spoolgun 130831


  1. Angled, dual-gear driven, cast aluminum drive system features no-tool, quick-change reversible drive rolls and an easy-to-set, scaled tension knob.
  2. Keep cables close together by twisting or taping them.
  3. What type of plug does this come with.
  4. This was my first experience with welding aluminum and I was very satisfied with the performance of this spoolgun.
  5. The possible hazards are shown in the adjoining symbols or explained in the text.
  6. Weld longer on high end applications.
Spool Gun Hookup Information
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