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Application developers may use either C -style events or Apple's delegate-object pattern to track foreground location updating. You then attempted to pass the string as a the message argument, and failed to set the delegate.

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As you had implemented there was no alert variable and no message variable since they were never declared, allocated or initialized. This tutorial provides the code you need to get the device's location. Operation Importance of Delegate object Generally, when using Xamarin.

The prepare function updates PlacesViewController with the list of current likely places, and is automatically called when a segue is performed. Add delegates to handle events for the location manager, using an extension clause. This will eliminate the issue that I addressed in my original reply. Also in the storyboard the three outlets that remain need to be connected to the corresponding textfields.

This requires that the info. These keys are strings that can be used to describe why the app needs location access. For more information about permissions handling, see the guide to requesting location permission in your app below.

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Without these connections data generated will not be displayed. The delegate needs to be set so that responses from the alertView can be monitored, and additional action taken if needed. Xcode builds the app, and then runs the app on the device or on the simulator. If the app launches but no map is displayed, make sure that you have updated the Info.