Table tennis tactics singles dating

Table tennis tactics singles dating

Let's face it, though, this opponent has no weapons and is relying on you inflicting wounds on yourself. Source Singles is much more physically and mentally intense than doubles and any weaknesses that you may have in your game will be sought out and exploited by a good opponent.

Accept you're going to have to be a whole lot more patient than usual and accept it will take longer to construct your openings. Be a bad hypnotic subject by resisting the suggestion that you should get frustrated. My tennis strategy tips have been learned through many years of experience playing competitive singles, initially in England and later here in Florida. Placement, spin, and speed should all be mixed up to keep your opponent guessing where to stand and how to respond.

Ask questions of your opponent. Keep believing even when your best shots keep coming back.

Coaching Tips - Singles Tactics

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Playing a moonballer can become hypnotic. If you played the ball to the right-hand corner from your baseline, you should move to a position slightly to the left of center and vice versa for shots to the other corner. His has one of, if not the greatest forehands in tennis. Variation is usually the key to successful serving at singles. What you want to do is to manipulate the game, so that you maximize the time that you are utilizing your strongest weapons against your opponent's weakest ones.

Even if you have a great serve, your opponent will gradually get used to it and find the optimum place to stand when receiving. Kim Clijsters at the Australian Open playing a two-handed backhand.

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