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Don't misunderstand if she wants to have a friend with her for a few dates. Thai Silk offer a range of matchmaking packages to suit any budget. We end this with how we started in saying they are proud people with principals and morals. When relationships in the past have gone wrong the lady will return to the family for support. Don't buy her chocolates, she may like them but does not want to be overweight for you.

The general advice they get is not to give phone numbers out until after they have met, a playboy always wants the phone number. She will speak Thai perfectly.

The general advice they get is

Accept her as she is now which is why she is with you. She will feel others are watching her and may even feel her morals and status will be judged. Others have done it before. The more you show of understanding for that the more will be shown to you later.

She is proud to be Thai and proud of her country. Don't make too many judgments about it. She will want you to care for them too.

She will speak Thai

It may be good for her to learn it later but don't let her think it is an issue now. She will want to commit to you but in doing so will want to be sure you are going to commit to her otherwise she may lose her status and respect from family and friends. Irrespective of where a lady is from the same checks and procedures for enrolment applied.

Don't buy expensive gifts, gold or jewels until you both make a commitment. Do buy her small gifts from time to time. Being in the North East of Thailand we attract ladies with high moral principals away from the night lights of Bangkok and Pattaya.

You may not like what you change her into. Consequently I met some very classy ladies who were educated, had very good jobs and who spoke perfect English. Deals with putting two like-minded people in touch and then the rest is up to you. We respect all our enrolled members as much as we will you in all our dealings.

It is who we are and what we do. If you do complain about Thailand she won't understand why you came or want to be there. Be smart as she wants to be proud of you.

Check they have a Thai Company registration number. You may give her the wrong impression that you are loaded with money this is not an impression you want to give. But some agencies have good reputations for trying to match the right people and helping them settle in together. You don't want her to think that. Care for that and it will care for you.

We have also taken the cost out of expensive marriage agencies. You fell in love with whom and what she is. Just because she has been married before is not an indicator that she will have any fewer morals than meeting her first husband.

Most worry a lot about their appearance. That is how it used to be in your land. It may apply in bars in Bangkok and Pattaya but elsewhere it will be unwelcome and unacceptable. We can help with eating out, tours, places of interest and of course shopping for those bargains only Thailand can give. Truth is we don't have to as our reputation is in front of us and despite being in the North East we are known and approached from all areas of the country.

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