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Do not be confused by the suggested lure weights specified on the rod blanks. It is Bally-Hoo time so if you go you should be fishing some for sure. The troll bite has been up and down with many fish being caught one day and next to nothing the next day. We have this Friday, top online dating site in Sunday and Monday open. Two on the long riggers and one on the short rigger.

When fishing bait or jigs it is critical to maintain contact with the bottom. We have had an up and down tuna season with the theme this year being big fish but not big numbers. The amount of bait last year was some of the best I have seen in many years and this trend should continue. Come an enjoy a taste of the northeast offshore lifestyle in February. Just an awesome day and great action.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sinkers and diamond jigs weighing from ounces are usually required when cod fishing. When fishing baits at these depths the amount of time and effort needed to retrieve and re-bait a rig must be minimized.

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Call the shop at if you want to go. The lack of stretch transmits even the softest of hits back to the angler. This is for beginners only. Had my daughter Shylee with me and she got to catch one too. Since braided lines have a thinner diameter and less water resistance, they provide an added advantage and allow the angler to hold bottom with lighter sinkers.

The springtime run of Bass is on in full force. You could catch them either trolling umbrella rigs, plugs, or casting soft plastics. Click on any of the images or names to visit the manufacturer's website. For most anglers, open boats and charters are the best way to experience this fishery.

For years many anglers used long heavy cod sticks to handle the weight, provide enough length to work their jigs effectively, and much needed hook setting power. The lack of stretch allows the angler to feel every bite and provides for an excellent hook sets regardless of the depth. We had a very loyal Hook-Up! Must be present to win pmpm One on one time with the crew at the Tackle Center.

Friday June 28 Cape Cod Fishing Report

  • So get you gear ready and get the boats tuned up.
  • We set out and got tight on a bass almost immediately.
  • We had three distinct year class of fish here in big numbers which shows three years of successful breeding.
  • We will be releasing another show every week.

Cape Cod Regions

Their knowledge of the tides and currents is invaluable. For the first time this season, I do not have any other trips booked. In early winter through late winter there can be a very respectable run of fish that can be reached from Rhode Island and Montauk, Long Island.


Tuna Attacked by Sea Lion. They bit pretty good on Monday but not Tuesday, christian dating progression but they are there. Find out what you need to get started in this exciting fishery. About Us Authors Contact Us.

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Terry Nugent Learn the latest tricks of the new technologies and find out how to use your radar to find birds and how the new Chirp fish finders work. Blog Just another WordPress. This is our way to celebrate the end of the season and to say thank you to all our customers.

We'll assume you're ok with this, free but you can leave if you wish. Great fishing and alot of action. Did not get a bite on my planer. We have some openings this week and we have this Saturday open so call the shop if you want to go.

Nice fish and we let him go to fight another day. Deck boots and skins are a must. Terry will show you how you can get in on this exciting fishery.

  1. There are a variety of colors and shapes that can be used to match the bait in the area which includes mackerel, herring, sand eels, and squid.
  2. Before we knew it we had another fish explode on the Red Iguana bar and we were tight again.
  3. If anyone wants to go fishing with me we will be fishing all Bally-Hoo so if you want a hands on look at that type of fishing give me a call and book a trip.
  4. Cod fishing can get very messy and the decks need to be washed down frequently.
  5. The new braided lines have a thinner diameter and much less water resistance.

Today I was steaming out through the fog headed towards the number from yesterday when I came upon birds and bait on the surface. We are in an up swing, not a down turn in the numbers of bluefin that we are seeing. Very excited about the new gear. When is the weather going to get better?

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The fall run is on and we will have some steady fishing ahead of us. Product viewing and vendor displays. This can usually be done a few times until the water resistance from the amount of line makes it impossible to get down to the bottom.

The best jigs have the highest width to length ratios. Good luck and tight lines. Damon Sacco Learn the ins and outs of catching fish at the canyons the way the crew of the Castafari does it.

Cod Tackle & Techniques

The right piece of bottom can make all the difference. Learn the ins and outs of each category and understand what the specific licenses allow you to do. The fish were easy to find because the birds were all over them. The rig must be retrieved and flipped out again just slightly up-current. These weights pertain to the size of lures that can be cast effectively using that rod.

Bait and Tackle - Best of 2017

Friday June 28 Cape Cod Fishing Report

Candleberry Inn on Cape Cod

If you bring your own be sure to leave your light tackle home. All the boats supply tackle if you need it. The fishing in Cape Cod Bay is on fire! Please contact us if you find any broken links!


This weekend some of the boats fished the Bay and reported their limits and then some. Learn more and buy direct from Berkley Learn more and buy direct from Amazon. You just have to keep fishing and wait your turn.

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