Tips for dating a nigerian man, tips for dating a nigerian man

Tips On Dating A Nigerian Man - Culture - Nigeria

He is so sweet and caring and takes such good care of me. We great friends first, he is the one I would go to if I am down, his laughter just makes me melt. He possesses all the attributes mentioned above. American women are independent, outspoken, single dating manchester well spoken and are not going to live like that. His greatest fear is loosing me and I feel the same about him.

Every culture on earth has slimy food. They were going on about how warm and hospitable the people were and the women among them like true Americans! Takes getting used to but I thank God that we have been brought together. His persistence is outrageous but somehow he just avoids being creepy.

You forgot to add that Nigerian men are the only ones bold enough to flicker out their hoses and urinate anywhere outside other than the bathroom. Nigeria is a friendly African nation that hosts its guests with diligence and love. Whenever you see women in colourful layers of cloth and hats like peacocks, run. They make good love to you, they treat like royalty, expecially the Gambia.

She knows how to play the dating game. Dating a typical Nigerian lady can be a topsy-turvy experience especially for a man who is just wetting his feet in the dating game. Im just looking out for my fellow non-nigerian sisters. My Nigerian has his sights set on me too.

No race, colour or hue is off limits. Just worried about the age difference. They want to use American women for what they can get a visa and then go back to Nigeria and marry a Nigerian woman.

  • There are a number of disadvantages of using social media to get into a relationship but, it is by far the fastest and easiest method.
  • The average Nigerian man believes in a family and the men are expected to take up all the bills at home.
  • But i have still fallen for him.

Do you know that he tells people that he is not married? He has lifted me up from a deep darkness and showed me the light of life Again. No woman wants to live with a liar. But then again, who cares, dating someone with Keep concentrating of the negatives and suit yourselves.

He is strong yet gentle with never ending respect for me. He assists me with household chores when he has time and cooks for me when i am tired. He followed me outside and in the most charming manner said he thought I was very attractive. Like I said, its healthy to release some heat once in a while. For now I would not prefer to date another African American man.

She knows the right time and the man who give a pass to her home. African men have their good points and bad points just like any other man. My girlfriend is with a Nigerian guy. He is very persistant and did not give up until he had me where he wanted me. Whether it is a petty business or a white collar job, a Nigerian man always makes sure that he puts in his best in it.

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And i cant wait to go to Naija one day! Gainfully self employed, dating agency cyrano is legal here. His kindness and strength has forced an uncontrollable urge to think about him constantly. Our relationship is hard because we view things totally differently.

Tips for dating a nigerian man

Nigerian Men The Good The Bad The Ugly

The problem is that we are very vocal we are also the bread winner so we tend think or want our man to pitch in and help with house work or cook once in a while. We have had our ups and downs but have managed to work through them. Very interesting write up.

It is not any fault of our own that we were taken from Africa. But some men jump the gun by paying her a surprise visit to her home. And no matter how hard we pretend, Nigerian women are the best. We both najia but I was born here. Just thinking about him, make me want to do myself.

Tips On Dating A Nigerian Man - Culture - Nairaland

Tips for dating a nigerian man

Nigerian Men Facts About Men in Nigeria

Nigerian Men The Good The Bad The Ugly

How he managed to convince the latter I will never know because Indians hardly ever marry outside their race! Always stay true to yourself and never let him commit you to some cause you know nothing about. That to me is what makes it hard to shake Nigerian men. Like going into the kitchen everyday to prepare his favorite recipe or give it to them the way they want it on bed.

Tips for dating a nigerian man

It makes me feel better to know that you are honest about Nigerian men. Use a condom even after your first test. Their system has holes in it.

  1. If you want to know if he is genuine, bring his picture to Google search image and it will give you searches for his pic.
  2. Now as far as food, yes they love to eat, I had to download african recipes from the Internet it was a must that I learned to cook the that jalof rice which is so good and many other things.
  3. He just has the greatest laughter, I am from South Africa.
  4. You could have heard a pin drop!
  5. However, he understands the need to show emotions and that certain things in life are inevitable.
  6. We are africans too and we do have a culture.

Have never been made to feel so loved in a way that is meaningful to me. Hes actually ashamed of being nigerian. Not too many years ago, the winner of Miss Norway Beauty Contest was a half-caste with the distinctively Nigerian name of my forebears. Coming to the state might be difficult. What amazed me is that the Nigerian women except my sister-in-law felt as if I got what I deserved.

She has written screenplays for several soaps and home videos in the Nigerian movie scene and is currently producing her own movie. Off to a strip joint or you going to turn each other on? He has been nothing less than kind and gentle to me, yet exudes the utmost strength and masculinity. If you are not married, one bobo go soon land!

Half-Malaysian and even half-Indian! Nigerian men have so many good qualities they outweigh any negativities. Thank you for giving me the courage to try next time. Hi Bolanle, let me spark a topic for discussion from your article, and your notion will be appreciated! This article gives me hope and has brighted my morning.

Nigerian Men

Tips for dating a nigerian man

Facts About Nigeria

Bolanle, your article is right on the money! Bolanle Aduwo is a screenwriter, broadcaster and producer. Nigerian men are rarely sexual deviants. The great thing is he has taken an real interest in my son and in helping him become a worthy man.

Very well put Bola, igbo Nigerian men come with the whole package though. If you want a submissive woman, stay with your own and leave everybody alone. Do us a favor and stay with your own kind.

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